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Rocky Horror Picture Show

No description

Jordyn Drake

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Jordyn Drake :)
The movie was based on a combination of grade B horror movies, Aliens , and fifty's rock 'n' roll.
this is one of the video's from the movie (also my favorite :) )
The plot of the movie is about a newly engaged couple (Brad and Janet) who were out one night,and their tire poped. in desperate need of assistance,they wonder back up the road to a castle they past on the way up. little did they know who the owner of the castle had in store for them.when they arrive at the castle, things start to get crazy. Dr. Frank-n-Furter (owner of the castle) shows them his creation, Rocky Horror.after some more singing and dancing, Dr. Frank's ex delivery boy, Eddie, interrupts his party to reclaim his ex girlfriend Colombia, a groupie. out of Jealousy, Frank kills Eddie, and continues his party. latter on, Brad and Janet go through some more crazy adventures, when suddenly, they meet their old science professor, Dr. Scott, Eddies Uncle. at dinner, frank serves his guests Eddies flesh and chases Janet around the castle for running to Rocky. he then turns everybody to stone,and forces everyone to do a brodway type show. suddenly, Riff Raff (handy man) and Magenta (maid)
interrupt to announce their plan to go back to Translyvania, their home planet,and end up killing Colombia,Rocky,And Frank,while letting the other ones go.
The reason i show you this video is to explain how crazy and fun this movie is.
to me, the plot of the movie was really hard to understand (stupid plot). here are my reasons why the plot was hard to understand. in the beginning,Brad and Janet go to a wedding,then Brad proposes to Janet. after, it shows them on a night out,when all of a sudden, their tire pops.they go to find help,and wind up at Frank-n-furter's castle. then things start to make no sense. the group of party goers start to dance the 'time warp' ,as shown in the previous video, and as soon as they're done, Frank-n-furter comes out, and starts to sing his song. things start to get trippy because everything just goes so fast. Eddie is killed,which devastate Colombia,then as soon as he is killed,she is smiling at Frank-n-furter and his creation rocky as they go to their "marriage suit." as soon as Brad and Janet go to their seperate rooms, frank comes in to visit them seperatly, then janet leaves her room and wanders off to the labertory,where she stays with rocky. later on,Dr. Scott comes to find eddie, and then they are all turned to stone. it makes no sense and has no order of how things happen.
there were multiple diction's in this movie. it was made in Great Britain,however the only two with a Britain accent is the criminologist and Frank-n-furter. the others have more of an american type accent. different examples of diction in this movie is Riff Raff's speech. it is low and quiet,while Colombia's voice is high pitched and fast.
my thoughts on the diction of this movie was that it was fine. all the voices where right for the characters, and the way they spoke to each other blended very well.however, the acting from Janet Wise was a big disappointment. you could tell that it was not really meant to be taken seriously.
Brad and Janet's thoughts can clearly be shown thru their actions. E.I. when they watch the party goers sing and dance the time warp, you can tell they are thinking "let's get out of here" by the way the back up to the door quickly.
personaly, i thought the thoughts from the characters were hilarous.just their recations and actions without them speeking makes me laugh everytime i watch the movie.
I'm about to show you all the main characters of the movie which are listed around the slide.
(little nell) the character you see in this photo is Colombia. Colombia is a groupie and she has a high pitched voice. she is tramatized when she watches her Ex boyfriend get brutally killed by Frank-n-furter.
the movie is slow in the beginning because they have to show the wedding and the narrator. as soon as they sing the 'time warp' however, the movies pace picks up quickly, so quickly you don't really even understand what is going on.
the melody was stupid.it was way to fast,and i had to watch it couple of times to understand what was really going on,and even when i was done watching it a certain amount of times, i still had to go on the computer and research the point of the movie.
(Tim Curry) in this picture you see the antagonist frank-n-furter. he is a transvestite from transexual transilvania. he owns the castle where everything takes place and is also the creator of Rocky Horror.
(Richard O'Brien) this character pictured here is named Riff Raff. he is the handy man and also in the end, Frank-n-furters killer. is sister is Magenta,and he is a cop (or spy) of transsexual Transylvania.
(Barry Bostwick) this character is Brad Majors. he is engaged to Janet Weiss. he is concerned about the way Frank-n-furter acts, but by the end of the movie,he finally understands his ways of life.
(Meat Loaf) this character is only introduced for a song, then i s brutally killed by Frank-n-furter.this character is named Eddie. he is colombia's ex, and he ruins Frank's party to get her back.
(Susan Sarandon) the lady in this picture is named Janet Weiss, Fiance to Brad Majors. she is also like brad with not understanding Frank, but she does in the end.
(Patricia Quinn) this scary picture is of Frank-n-furter's maid Magenta. she is "lovely" sister of Riff Raff, and is also a cop from Transsexual Transylvania.
(Peter Hinwood) this character is named Rocky Horror. he is Fran-n-furter's creation who happens to actually love Janet. he ends up dying when he falls into the pool at the end of the movie.
overall, i loved the movie. even though it was a fast pace movie, weird characters, and strange dance numbers, i thought it was genius! i love this movie because it's that crazy, fun,exhilerating movie you only see once in a life time, and not only is it fun, but has a lesson too. And that lesson, belive it or not, is to treat others how you want to be treated. yes i know, very first grade, but it's true. nomatter what you sexuality is, you're still a person and deserve to be treated as one. thank you :)

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