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No description

Weijun Lam

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Facebook

Max Schrems a law student from Austria has filled a class action law suit against Facebook over privacy violations, urging the social network 1.32 Billion users around the globe join him in his legal battle.
Mr. Schrems is bringing that lawsuit against Facebook because of the violations regarding the privacy policy and the association with PRISM which is a surveillance program that spys on users

Austrian Student launches global class action against Facebook
The emergence of social media as has taken communication to a whole new level of interactation and significance in this day and age, sites such as facebook deliever instant messaging and worldwide connection within a few clicks in matter of seconds.

Being the biggest community online,Research firm emarketer, recorded that 46.6 percent of the population in North America, 35.7 percent in Western Europe use Facebook regularly. despite its popularity in recent years it showed some of its flaws

Facebook recieved criticism on a wide range of issues including its treatment of its users, online privacy, child safety and hate speech that led to several allegations which continue to develop till this day

Facebook Allegations and Legal issues
19- year old Lewis Thelwall commited suicide after ongoing "facebook bullying", police discovered astound amount of malicious facebook messages and that ties to Two young women who are responsible for his death

Neath Port Talbot coroner Phillip Rogers said that this can only be described as "facebook bullying" he goes on to say "I would urge anyone who uses this sort of social media to think of the consequences".
Thelwall "go-lucky-go -happy" character described by his mother Tina Thelwall imposed a strong message "be careful of what you write"

The "Real" dangers of Facebook
A Facebook Crime every 40 Minutes

Face book of Hidden Sercets

Almost 38% of children aged 13 or younger are suggested to have an account on facebook. \

Zuckerberg, creator and founder of Facebook supports this by addressing an audience in the newschools venture Funds summit and saying "my philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really young age.
on the other hand the parents say they were worried about thier childrens safety on facebook because of predators, and bullies

Under Facebook's policies no on under 13 allowed to be a user yet Zuckerberg clealy advocates this.
Underage Facebook users at risk
How private is your privacy?
Facebook sued over alleged scanning of private messages
under facebook limitless amount of agreement policies that must of us skip over there must be something important must of missed and that is that we can steal the photos from the user to use for advertisment ads because facebook has agreed to third party advertisers to use your posted pictures without your permission.

in the terms and service that no one ever reads before clicking "I agree,'facebook says, by agreeing you allow facebook the permission to use photos, name profile and any other privated content without your consent.
-Byan Cronan The Christain Science Monitor August 3, 2014
A crime is linked to facebook every 40 minutes, last year, officers logged 12,300 alleged offences.
Several cases show that hundreds of criminals have been using the site to taunt victims behind bars. as far as 350 inmates where discovered to have run their empires from behind bars
Facebook was referenced in investigation of muder, rape, child sex offences, assualt, kidnap and death threats.
for example in the case of a 13 year old by who was persuaded to send indecent photos of himself to a paedophile, facebook although a social networking site it which connects people to one another it dont not filter the spoil fruits of this world
Larry Magid -Contributrer
Lewis Thelwall 19, killed himself after being bullied on facebook
Published by Harriet Arkell 26 November 2013
Published by Jack Doyle, Daily mail Australia 5th of June
The social media site Facebook was sued over allegations of spying and scanning private messages to gather data which were used by advertisers and marketers for profit.

Messages composed by users were scanned for links and searchs to profile web activity and user interests, the lawsuit filled in by Northern District Court of California by Matthrew Campbell and Micheal Hurley imposed that it was "to improve its marketing algorithms and increase its ability to profit from data about facebook users".
Nevertheless this is a direct violation to the Electronic Communications Privacy act.

Published by Karen Gullo Jan 3rd 2014
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