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Week 5 CJHS 410

No description

Corri Ramtano

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Week 5 CJHS 410

George Psychological Support Agency
CJHS/410 ~ April 21st, 2016 ~ Natalie George
The Initial Blast
Black Rain
Health Effects
The Atomic Bomb
Mental Health, Addiction, & Trauma
20 Service Locations
Over 450 Staff Members & Volunteers
Steps to succeed in life after recovery
Primary Care
Community-Wide Crisis Line
Local Human Service Delivery
Black Rain
Critical Possibilities
Will contain a team of dispatchers trained in mental health crisis situations
Will responsible for dispatching appropriate personnel to crisis situation
Hostage Negotiator
Social Worker
Designated crisis intervention specialist
Mobile Command Center
Person Centered Therapy
Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Social Systems Therapy
Post Mental Health/Psychological Treatment for Victims and Families
Red Cross
Focus on saving lives, blood donations
First Responders
Trained to act quick in emergencies
The National Disaster Medical System
Respond federally to the country by providing federal disaster medical care
The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
Focus on helping disaster survivors and their communities

Organizations We Partner With
Our mission is to lend support to communities and their first responders with quality mental health care treatment during times of crisis and need. We believe that in order to stay a strong nation we must all work together to ensure that any community in crisis can come together as one solid nation. We are able to protect, treat, respond, and recover from any mental health concerns that exist.
Mission Statement
Building communities through disaster relief
What is it?
What to they do?
How does is have a lasting affect on individuals?
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Senior Leadership Team
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Terrorist Attacks
Active Shooter
Sandy Hook Shooting
Terrorist Strike
Oklahoma City Bombing
Homegrown Terror
Flint, Michigan water contamination
Ebola Crisis
Human Error Crisis
Boston Bombing
San Bernardino
Induced Radioactivity
The Atomic Bomb Aftermath
Financial Implications
First Responders
Effects on Society
Each mental health specialist will be assigned to specific age groups; which is how they will be dispatched
Separation by age groups will ensure familiarity with the group
Prevents client overload

Dispatchers will be prepared to have resources readily available to address specific types of crisis situations on various levels

Dispatchers can authorize involuntary detention of those who threaten self harm or or harm to others
Mobile Command Center
In the event of a hostage situation, the mental health mobile command center will be positioned beside the law enforcement command center to maintain communication and coordinate proper responses that will prevent escalation
24/7 Operational Center
Contains 8 dispatchers with behavioral health backgrounds
Direct line to specialist and designated teams
Emergency line
Video coverage of area
Mobile Command Center
FBI protects citizens from the most dangerous threats facing this nation such as natural disasters and threats to our nation
The CIA constantly focuses on collecting intelligence through research and updating technology
The Department of Homeland Security focuses on securing the nation from threats it may face like natural disasters
Police would make sure there isn't civil disorder during disasters or emergencies
CIA and Homeland Security would look for perpetrators responsible for acts
The government would also help secure the nation's panic mode
The Criminal Justice System & Our Organization
Corrina Montano
- Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Mireles
- Director of Advocacy
Amy Grijalva
- Director of Partnership & Community Outreach
Courtney Gross
- Director of Communications & Marketing
Daniel Garcia
- Director of Policy & Program Development
Susana Muguia
- Director of Post Mental Health & Treatment
Lee Jackson
- Director of Veteran's Affairs
Vladamir Melkumyan
- Medical Director
Key Staff of GPSA
Each member of our

has earned one of the following degrees:
Doctorate, Master's, or Bachelor's in Psychology
Clinical Counseling
Behavior Analysis
Child & Adolescence Development
Educational Psychology
Focus On:
Skills & Qualifications
Psychologists/Licensed Therapists/Counselors
Medical Doctors
Nurses/Nurse Assistants
Law Enforcement Officers
Firefighters/Emergency Medical Staff
Faith Based Groups
Community Emergency Response Teams
Volunteer Staff
Active Listening
Social Perceptiveness
Service Oriented
Ability to Communicate (Verbal/Written)
Critical Thinking
Able to handle stress
Open Minded
Able to adapt
General Skill for Volunteers
Response Duties
Initial and induced radioactivity, after the bomb takes place
Federal Human Service Delivery
SEMA - State Emergency Management Association
Public & Private Sector Management
Natural or Man-Made Disasters
State Human Service Delivery
24/7 Trained Crisis Workers
Damage Zones
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