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Franchise Research Project

By: Leslie Dogan-Watson

Alexis Dogan

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Franchise Research Project

Auntie Anne's Franchise Auntie Anne's has been pretzel perfect since 1988 when a women named “Auntie” Anne Beiler and her husband, Jonas purchased a farmers market stand in Pennsylvania and experimented with a soft pretzel recipe. . However, Auntie Anne's may provide selected franchisees who operate or distribute authorized products through special distribution outlets a guaranty or other direct or indirect financing. Auntie Anne’s has a program to allow franchisees to pay the franchise fee in two installments There are more than 300 franchises with more than 1,200 in the United States and more than 23 countries globally. The initial franchise fee covers lease, utility, and security deposits, equipment, insurance, training , inventory. The continuing services and royalty fee 7% of gross sales; 8% of gross Sales for subway co-brand. The franchisee will be granted a franchise for a specific Store location ordinarily within a mall, concourse, facility, building or other defined area. The franchisee will have NO EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY and NO TERRITORIAL RIGHTS within the Facility within which the Store is located. The franchisee may not operate his or her Store at any other site within the Facility in which his or her Store is located without Auntie Anne's prior written permission. Franchise Research Project The term of the agreement will expire 20 years from the store opening date for the Franchised Business. The franchisee may renew for an additional successive term equal to 20 years according to the then-current franchise agreement. The franchisee may also opt to extend the term by paying a $2,000 fee for each year the franchise is extended up to a maximum of five years at which time the Franchise will expires.
The company provides and pays for advertising and
promotional items By: Leslie Dogan-Watson I think that me buying this franchise would be a
option for me it would be a chance for me to fulfill
my goals I have set in life also it would better to choose an already existing franchise rather than worrying if i start my own will it be as successful as I want it to be. Conclusion
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