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A-Level PE - Taster Session

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Tom Robinson

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of A-Level PE - Taster Session

fig. 1
A-Level Physical Education
In Close Up Detail...
Year 12- AS

2 hour written exam with 1 essay question plus shorter answer questions

Areas of Theory Studied:

Anatomy & Physiology for Sport and Exercise

Skill Acquisition for Sport

Opportunities for Particpation in Sport

Year 13 - A2

2 hour written exam with 3 essays questions plus shorter answer questions

Exercise Physiology & Training for Elite Performance

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Contemporary Issues in Sport
Lets talk about some examples of how the theory within BTEC PE relates to sport...
Skills You Will Need to Be
Successful in the Course...
Ability to work independently

Motivation to return to notes after lessons to ensure and add depth to your understanding.

Drive to stretch your knowledge through seeking out alternative sources of information.

Excellent knowledge of your sport and a willingness to improve

Playing competitive sport on regular basis.
It's no Easy Ride I'm Afraid...
How is the athlete's body producing 'ENERGY'
in order to be able to perform the long jump?
Does the long jumper need 'SKILL' or 'ABILITY' in order
to be able to perform?
Why does the athlete's body fly through the
air in that particular motion?
What barriers do female athletes face when trying to become elite performers?

Something that can be learned
Something can be improved through practice
Example of skill: 'hang technique'


You are born with abilities
They underpin skillful performance
Example of ability: 'coordination'
Energy for the high intensity, short duration exercise is produced by:

Breakdown of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP)

Phospocreatine (PC) Breakdown to enable re-creation of ATP
The body when in flight is like any other object in sport and
is known as a 'PROJECTILE'

It follows a 'PARABOLIC' motion of flight due to effects of forces.

What factors will effect how far a projectile flies?
Women in sport suffer against different barriers which make achieving top level performance very difficult.

These barriers include:

Sport being male dominated activity
Women receive less media coverage than men
Negative experiences when taking part in PE at school
Research Task for the Summer

Pick an Olympic athlete from this summer's games.
Investigate the training methods that they use and how these methods help them to perform at an elite level
Lets use a sporting example to talk about some of things you will be learning about on the course....
Velocity at Release
Height of Release
Angle of Release
Year 12 - AS

Assessed on performance of CORE SKILLS in 2 roles in either 1 sport or 2 different sports.

Year 13 - A2

Assessed on video portfolio of performance in FULLY COMPETITIVE SITUATIONS in 1 sport.

Assessed on piece of written coursework that analyses your strengths and weaknesses as a performer and assign causes and corrective measures to aid your performance.

Did You Know:

13% is the current participation rate for women in the UK?

In the sports pages of national newspapers 2% of articles and images are devoted to female athletes and women’s sport
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