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Caesar's English II Lessons 16 & 17

No description

Sierra Benton

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Caesar's English II Lessons 16 & 17

Lessons 15 & 16 Caesar's English II culp blame numer number irrevocable adj., unalterable,
unable to be changed
urb city acr sharp incongruous adj., incompatible felicity noun; great happiness malevolence noun, ill will pugn fight ambiguous adj., uncertain As in . . . culprit, culpable, exculpate As in . . . pugnacious, pugilist As in . . . urban, suburb, urbane As in . . . numeral, enumeration,
supernumerary As in . . . acrid, acerbity, acrimony Sometimes fashionable people try to wear
incongruous colors together, like red and pink. Jafar's malevolence toward Aladdin was
extreme. The ambiguous directions were
not helpful. A feeling of felicity came over the students as they
realized summertime was near. The judge's ruling was irrevocable. The man was guilty and would go to prison.
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