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Khan Academy

No description

Peter Iles

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Khan Academy

The Khan Academy: What It Means for Grace The traditional approach to math... Learn a core concept 2+2=4 Administer test on concept Move on to completely different or more advanced version of concept 5+6=? 7.5 + 3.42 = 10.92 But, wait, I wasn't done learning that! TOO BAD! 7+3=? 4+2=? 9+4=? Kids who did poorly are shifted onto the more difficult concept without mastering the easy one. The approach of Saxon Math is like a spiral which repeats concepts and ideas over and over and over and to gain mastery. But that's only one approach we use, right now. The Khan Academy uses... A self guided pace A self guided path One to one recorded tutoring An achievement system which rewards students How it changes the classroom Right now, I spend 80% of my time in direct instruction With Khan, I can spend 100% of my time facilitating. How it's being used today Once a week Occasional work at home This is only a supplement to our curriculum It will be important to see if it is viable for the future Studying algebra scores to see if there is an improvement Determining if the lost class time is worth the mastery If not, it could still be a key to at home help for struggling students Quotes from our students... Can we play Khan today? I've got over 40,000 points! This is so much fun... From basic addition... ...to trigonometry. I also have a host of real time and overview data available to me via the website Did I mention this was all free?
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