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Belief Of Time

No description

Makayla Macaronii

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Belief Of Time

Belief Of Time
Elizabethan Era
In Elizabethan Era People of Elizabethan Era have many superstitions, conspiracy and beliefs. The era is most famous for theater, as William Shakespeare and many others composed plays that broke free of England's past style of theater. It was an age of exploration and expansion.
Some beliefs and conspiracies are:
You must always say “God bless you” when you sneeze or else the devil would enter your body and possess it while the mouth was open.
The greatest and most wicked of all ill omens is the eclipse. If such a horrible malfunction of the heavens is to occur, it shall bring death, destruction, and poor manners upon the kingdom. Even the great noble houses shall not be immune to its ill effects. One must always be wary of this time of great peril!
but those are just some of the things Elizabethan people believed

In Elizabethan Era there were two most common religions that many people believed in, Astrology and Christian/Catholic

Astrology is the belief that a persons character is
determined by the positions of the sun,moon and
stars at the time of there birth.
Astrology holds that there is a definite order in the
way things were based on the natural cycles and
rhythms of the universe
It claims that future events in a persons life are not
accidental they can be predicted on the basis of the persons astrological sign
Astrological prediction was a popular expression of human desires to know the future or to place blame for failure or superhuman forces.

In Christianity there was a strong belief in
mercy, sin, pride, repentance, moderation,
Those who believed in god thought that he
provided for those who trusted in him
The evidence of providence was called
chance implies a sense of randomness of
lifes incidents which undermines any
security we might have

Other Beliefs
In the Elizabethan Era many people believed in
witches and witch craft, different beliefs in clothing
Mens Clothing
Separate sleeves Shirt Breeches Stockings or
hose Belt Codpiece Ruff Corset Cloak Over
Shoes Doublet Hat
Elizabethan Clothing for Women
A Roll or Rowle Partlet Cloak Smock or shift, also
called a chemise made of linen Stomacher
Shoes Stockings or hose Petticoat Gown Hat Corset or bodice Kirtle Separate sleeves Farthingale - a hooped skirt Forepart Ruff
Elizabethan Era
The beliefs, conspiracies, and lifestyle was very
different from today. They had different styles of
music, clothing, beliefs and some of those things
are still commonly used today.

This time period of history is very important
because these were the times were many
memorable and famous people were discovered.

like Shakespeare, in the picture above.
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