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Fairy Tales


Matt Donovan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales QRSTUV Cinderella Hansel and Gretel The Princess and the Pea Snow White The Frog Prince Bluebeard Pied Piper of Hamelin The Fisherman and His Wife Rumpelstiltskin Little Red Riding Hood Allusions Aladdin Ali Baba and the Fourty Thieves The Ugly Duckling Allusion - Gold Slipper Difference between "Disney-fied" Cinderella and Brothers Grimm Cinderella No Clock Striking Midnight
No Fairy Godmother
No Glass Slipper
More Selfish Step-sisters Allusion - Bread-crumb trail Trail of shiny pebbles
The Mother dies Allusion - Hooded Red Cape The Wolf eats both the Grandmother and Little Red
An Axman cuts them out of the Wolf's stomach
They put rocks in the Wolf's stomach which later kills it Difference from The Princess and the Frog There was never a kiss Allusion - Red Apple The dwarves didn't have names
Snow White dies
Step-mother dies Differences from "Disney-fied" Story Children Story Differences Children Story Differences Storybook Differences The Cake is a Lie!!!!! Differences from Disney's Aladdin The were many referances to family of Aladdin's in which he had no family in Disney's movie
There was a magic dust that cracked the mountains to open the cave, not a magical flying beetle and a large talking tiger head
Collage of Fariy Tales Disney = Lies! The children's story does not go into as much detail when the geese die.
The actual tale describes the bloody sight.
Other than this, both tales are relatively similar.
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