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Untitled Prezi

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Kerepesi Zsófia

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mi az EPO Gazdasági és Tudományos
Tanácsadó Testülete? alapítás: 2012
tagok száma: 12
mandátum: 3 év
misszió:? “a patent thicket usually involves (1) multiple patents and patent applications on (2) the same, similar, or complementary technologies, (3) held by different parties, making it difficult to negotiate intellectual property rights (for example, licensing agreements) by raising market entry costs” (ESAB statement, 2013) Patent quality Pricing and fees „The EPO's traditional fee structure is well designed but may not greatly affect applicants' behaviour; patent fees represent only a small portion of their overall IP costs. That is also one reason why there is no urgent need for a fundamental fee reform. Other major cost drivers like R&D spending or attorneys’ fees are beyond the EPO’s control.” Szemezgetés az EPO Gazdasági és Tudományos Tanácsadó testületének (ESAC)
2012. évi munkájából: Érdekességek, hírek, vitatott témák

MIE-”Egy új remény vagy A kétség lazaca” c. konferencia keretében, Pécs, 2013. május 30-31 “the objective of the EPO's Economic and Scientific Advisory Board is to contribute to a comprehensive analysis of the patent system in its economic and social context.” “The Advisory Board addresses issues that are closely related to the patent system and of significant interest to the European economy and society at large.”
A 2012. év munkaterve:
Patent quality 
Patent thickets
Pricing and fees Mi az a „patent thicket”? “a patent thicket usually involves (1) multiple patents and patent applications on (2) the same, similar, or complementary technologies, (3) held by different parties, making it difficult to negotiate intellectual property rights (for example, licensing agreements) by raising market entry costs” (ESAB statement, 2013) Kedvezőtlen hatásai:

„High market entry and transaction costs tend to discourage innovation rather than encourage it.”
„uncertainty factors and their impact on freedom to design and operate, search costs, and the cost of legal action.”
„Uncertainty factors can be further broken down into long pendency times, low patent quality, and lack of ownership transparency.”
kedvezőtlen hatásai vannak? Az ESAB hozzáállása a problémához

„Perhaps patent thickets are not a distinct problem in themselves. Problems are caused by low-quality patents, and the slowness and expense of the system. Therefore, patent thickets are not necessarily a problem per se. There is however a general consensus that they appear to be closely related to innovation management and its complexity.”

A KKV-knak okozott hátrányokról kevés szó esett Az ESAB megállapításai a „patent thickets” tárgykörében

„the Board clearly states that it does not regard such "thickets" as a root cause of problems in the patent system. It concludes that measures to improve patent quality will help to reduce the complexity of the system and thus deal with patent thickets indirectly.” Patent quality has to be distinguished clearly from the related concepts of patent value and the quality of the patent system. … These can be condensed into the following definition: a high-quality patent:

satisfies the legal patentability requirements at a given patent office,
has been granted,
is likely to withstand invalidity proceedings in court, or opposition or re-examination proceedings at patent offices, and
enables the skilled person to perform the invention without further experimentation.” Mit ért az ESAB a szabadalmi minőség definíciója alatt?

A Board szerint nincs elfogadott definíció a fogalomra, de... A szabadalmi minőség szempontjai:
mérési mód lehet pl. a megsemmisített szabadalmak aránya;
A javítás iránt történő beavatkozás lehetséges időpontjai:
a minőség javítása a megadás előtti fázisban
a minőség javítása a megadás után

„In this context, is also important that patent offices do not give applicants any direct or indirect incentives to put quantity over quality in their applications.” Lehetséges beavatkozási pontok:
a kutatás minőségének javítása;
Cooperative Patent Classification: USPTO/EPO együttműködésben;
EPO/Google együttműködés a gépi fordítás megvalósításához;
az Esp@cenet teljes szövegű kereshetősége(MI javaslat) – ez nem lesz
Unified Patent Court

A Board álláspontja:
“the Board highlights the importance of patent quality in boosting innovation. It points out, however, that improving patent quality will require action at both the pre-and post-grant stages of the patenting process. In the pre-grant phase, specific measures are needed to address the speed and quality of patent examination. At the post grant stage, opposition or re-examination proceedings require improvement, together with the litigation system. On this latter point, the establishment of Europe's Unified Patent Court is expected to make a major contribution.” “As general policies, the Board recognises the need to support independent inventors, small and medium-sized enterprises and universities in their dealings with the patent system.” Végső vélemény 2013. évi feladatterv:
egységes hatályú európai szabadalom
egységes szabadalmi bíróság
grace period Európában A magyar rendszert (feltalálói kedvezmény, évdíjak növekedése) pozitív példaként említették Köszönöm a figyelmet!
Dr. Molnár István
Szabadalmi ügyvivő,
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