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Five Interesting Facts About The Freedom Riders

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serena rose

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Five Interesting Facts About The Freedom Riders

Five Interesting Facts About The Freedom Riders
The Beginning
The Freedom Riders were recruited by CORE to integrate the bus rides along the Deep South.
Purpose of the Freedom Riders
To travel from Washington D.C. to New Orleans for two weeks, while testing the South's agreement on its segregation ban.
Problems the Freedom Riders faced.
Some towns were easier to travel than others, but when the Freedom Riders reached Atlanta and Alabama they were either beaten or the bus was set on fire.
Who is CORE?
CORE stands for Congress of Racial Equality and they were the organization who trained the Freedom Riders to be nonviolent and be peaceful throughout the movement.
Lasting Affect of the Freedom Riders
The Freedom Riders helped the civil rights movement through peaceful protest and helped bring both races together to fight against segregation that was in the South.
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