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7 Billion People

We discuss population, world cultures, the 'average' person, and new vocabulary associated with the Earth's growing population and the most 'average' person in the current age

Tyler M

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of 7 Billion People

Where are you from? 7 Billion people There are over 7 billion people living in 195 countries. The top populations are:
China- 1.3 billion
India- 1.1 billion
USA- 313 million
Rest of world: over 5 billion Who is the most common person?

Male or female?
Young or old?

If I were to take every person on this planet, what would the most typical person look like? The average person on Earth is
a 28 year old man from China.

-Makes less than 14 million won a year
-Owns a cell phone, but not a bank account Americans consume the most water at over 100 gallons a day. Ethiopians consume the least, at less than 3. In Japan, a woman lives on average 86 years, the most for any life expectancy in the world.

Afghanistan women have the
shortest life expectancy, only 45 years. Men in Holland average over 5'11 (180.34 cm). The tallest average in the world.

Men in Peru, however, have the shortest average height. Only 5'4 (162.56cm). Work with a partner and guess
the answers to the upcoming questions:

Is the most typical person:
1. Male or female?
2. Old or young? Average age?
3. Own a cell phone?
4. Have a bank account?
5. How much money do they make a year? Review Time:
How many countries are there on Earth?

How many people are on Earth?

What is the average age for people on Earth?

What country has the largest population? An ECOESL presentation
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