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Farnsworth Vocab

By Holly Regan

Holly Regan

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Farnsworth Vocab

Uninvolved and distant, cool, distasteful Definition Sentence Aloof Austere Week 1 By Holly Regan Farnsworth Vocab The cat seemed very aloof when we tried to give him a bath. Definition Harsh, strict, with no comfort, uptight Sentence Her parents were very austere when she wanted to go to the college party. Bulwark Definition Defensive object or person Sentence The Pentagon is a bulwark for our country. Cacophony Definition Harsh, awful sound Sentence Hannah Montana's voice is just a cacophony to me. Cerebral Definition Smart, intelligent, relating to the brain Sentence Albert Einstein is a very cerebral person. Chattel Definition Belongings, tangible items of belonging Sentence Women in the Renaissance were thought of as chattel. Connoisseur Definition An expert on something Sentence The man was a connoisseur of mustaches. Expunge Definition To remove, erase Sentence The girl's juvenile records were expunged when she turned 18. Incongruous Definition Does not fit Sentence The little girl looked quite incongruous at the rock concert in her tutu. Lament Definition Grieve, expressing sorrow Sentence The puppy lamented the loss of his favorite toy. Week 2 Asunder In separate parts The arrow was shot asunder from the bow. Incite To encourage, provoke Please do not incite the angry dog to attack you. Evade To escape, elude Gabby Giffords remarkably evaded death. Efface To erase MLK tried to efface racial inequality. Procrastinate To put off until the very last minute I have no excuses for my procrastination habit. Roster List of names My name was not on the VIP roster. Impede To interfere with His laces impeded his ability to walk without stumbling. Trenchant forceful, effective, incisive The alligator's teeth were quite trenchant. Forbear Politely refrain from an impulse The child had to forbear from touching anything in the china shop. Migratory Wandering in a nomadic fashion The army family was migratory because of the father's base assignments. Week 3 Quixotic Impractical, unrealistic It was quixotic that the girl wanted to be a model because she was very short. Arduous Hard, involving strenuous effort It was an arduous trek all the way along the Appalachian Trail. Beleaguer To lay siege to, surround My brother beleaguered my room when he wanted to go to a movie. Dulcet Soft and soothing, melodious I can not fall asleep with music on, even the most dulcet of songs. Reminisce The art or practice of recalling the past I reminisced on the time I spent at Adventureland with my friends in the summer. Histrionic Overly dramatic or theatrical The Broadway performance of Wicked will be histrionic so the acting is noticeable from the audience. Porcine Reminiscent of or pertaining to a pig Opportune well-timed, appropriate
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