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Cooperative Learning....Today

No description

Tori Mills

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Cooperative Learning....Today

Cooperative Learning for
Today's Learners

As you come in, please write a 3-2-1 on a notecard:
3 Types of learners I have in my classroom
2 Cooperative learning strategies I know
1 Area of Certification I hold
I can use cooperative learning strategies in my classroom to increase engagement of all learners.
Ok, but...why?
-Increases student involvement
-Differentiated for all types of learners
-Helps my students who are acquiring English
Number Heads Together
Team Set Up

Watch and notice how the students interact.
Listen for the language students are using.
Turn and talk as you think of ideas during the video.
More Strategies
The most important point..
One idea I will implement tomorrow is....
Round Robin to share...
Round Robin
3 Types of learners I have in my classroom
2 Cooperative learning strategies I know
1 Area of Certification I hold
Listen while viewing the 5th graders use round robin to share..
what do you notice?
Need more?
Listen to the toughest critics...
Something I noticed about these strategies was....
Here is how I could use these strategies in my classroom....
Mix Pair Share..Timed Pair Share
Person 1 share for 45 seconds

Person 2 ask questions and listen.

Person 2 share for 45 seconds

Person 1 ask questions and listen
One Paper, One Pencil
Everyone Stand and Share
Take Off, Touchdown
Thank you!
Tori Albright
Mix Pair Share..Timed Pair Share
need I say more? :)
Quiz, Quiz, Trade
Inside, Outside Circle
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