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Dante's Inferno- Canto XXII

Further information on Dante's Inferno, Canto XXII

Hyra Lewis

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno- Canto XXII

Dante's Inferno
Canto XXII Circle in Hell: 8
Bolgia in Circle: 5 Grafters
Also known as barrators
Trade the powers and favors of their political office for $
Abuse authority in office Classification of Sin & Definition: Their Punishment:
The grafters are sunk in a boiling pitch and guarded by demons.
If the demons catch them above the surface of the pitch, they tear them to pieces w/ claws and grappling hooks. How does the Punishment fit the Crime?
The pitch- symbolizes their sticky fingers.
Raking the grafters apart- symbolizes how they raked $. Characters from mythology who Inhabit this Circle: Curlybeard
Grizzly Cramper
Crazyred (Hellken & Grizzly) What Duties do they have in Hell?
They are the ones who guard the pitch that is filled with grafters. Friar Gomita of Gallura People from Dante's World, who somehow landed in Hell: Michel Zanche de Logodoro
When the king of Sardinia went off to war, he was captured and never returned.
Michel maneuvered a divorce for the queen and married her himself.
He was killed by his son-in-law. Friar Gomita administered Gallura for his own profit.
He was hung by the Pisan governor when he was found guilty taking bribes to let prisoners escape. Last Slide..
Prezi done by: Jahyra Lewis In My Opinion:
The crime does fit the punishment.
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