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How to write an essay

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Brooke Stephenson

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of How to write an essay

Writing Essays
How to write an essay
Using “I” weakens your arguments.
Avoid using the first person
Body (Arguments)
READ THE QUESTION ! Stay on topic.
Do not copy other people's writing. This will result in a grade of
Smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs.
Orient the reader
Check for spelling mistakes.
e.g wich, an other, exemple
Proofread your work
-to test your knowledge/comprehension of a topic
Why do we ask you to write essays?
-to practice organizing information in a clear and logical manner.
-to learn how to communicate and support arguments effectively.
Don't: "I believe that we should financially support the space station."
Do : "Funding for the space station is imperative to maintain America's competitive edge in the global economy."
(The RSCC Online Writing Lab)
Do not forget to put a space between each paragraph.

Communication = Words + Page layout
Brainstorm ideas : Pros vs. Cons, Similarities vs. Differences, Causes and Effects
Before you write, plan what you will write about.
Prepare the reader for your arguments/Provide some context
Grab their attention with:
a surprising/interesting fact
important background to the issue
a provocative question
Be Specific
Too General:
Crime has been an issue throughout time.
More Specific:
The question of the severity of punishments for juveniles is an issue that has garnered attention due to the increasing number of juvenile shootings in the last several years.
The Body
Depending on the question you've been asked, you will :
Present information/ideas
Argue a position in a debate
Singular focus  (i.e. Don't change topics within the same paragraph)
Begin with a topic sentence (i.e. a sentence which describes the point of the paragraph)
Develop your arguments/ideas
illustrate your idea with examples
anticipate and respond to counterarguments
elaborate on causes/effects, definitions, comparison/contrasts
talk about consequences or implications
state what action needs to be done
explain why the topic is important
Do, however, take note of keywords and use them in your essay.
Do learn lexical phrases to make your English sound more natural.
Use English discourse markers (e.g. However, In addition to, although, etc.)
Check that you have capitalized the correct words.
Make sure the pronouns he and she only refer to human beings.
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