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No description

Maddie Potts

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of ARTICLE 5

a book review by Maddie Potts
A book review by Maddie Potts

I thought of many things all at the same time. I wanted to run to him despite everything. I wanted him to hold me as he had the night before he'd left. But the pain of his absence returned fast, and reality sliced at my insides.

Ember Miller
Chase Jennings
He had chosen
over me."
"Chase?" I asked.
(Simmons 20)
Figurative Language
"Well, I'm sorry I'm ruining all your fun." I said, appalled.
"Fun?" he said weakly.
"You think... Ember, you're the only piece of me I have left. Everything else-my family, my home,
my soul
-they're all gone. I don't know who the hell I am anymore. If it weren't for you... I don't know."
"His head jerked up, his eyes pinning me in place, irritation instantly coating his raw exposure."

"My stomach felt like I had just swallowed a bag of thumbtacks."

(Simmons 249)
(Simmons 244)
Ember is faced with the devastation of her mother dying. When she first finds out, she is in denial and then "icy knives of reality stabbed into [her]." (Simmons 302)
Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One
"Ember, I'm sorry."
"Don't be sorry! Let's just go!"
"Ember!" He punched his own leg. The move was so violent it stopped me cold.
"She's dead."

"My hands throbbed furiously, as if my skin were on fire."

(Simmons 64)
(Simmons 301)
This devastation and painful feeling shows that Ember loved and cherished the thought of her mother being alive and well, and now that the thought was crushed, she did not know how to cope. Everyone will face this devastation sometime in their life and Simmons can relate this to teens very well.
He stretched his fingers with a wince.
"I got in a fight," he said with a small smile. "With a tree," he added when he saw my distress.
My eyes widened. "I guess you lost."
"You sh-should have seen the tree."
(Simmons 215)
Peer Pressure
Ember is peer pressured into doing many things that she does not want to do or is not comfortable with doing. Many teenagers face this today with friend groups and school.
When Ember is transferred to the Girl's Reformatory and Rehabilitation Center of West Virginia, she is forced by Ms. Brock to act a certain way and be completely brainwashed by Ms. Brock's ways of thinking. Ember does not want this to happen to her, but her roommate Rebecca convinced her that is was for the best.
During Ember's escape plan, she ran into some soldiers that were supposed to be on break. They forced her into inappropriate actions which she did not want to take part in. The only reason she didn't fight back was because it risked her being sent to Ms. Brock for punishment.
- Some action scenes were shorter than expected
- Not much physical character description
- Some character relationships are not purposeful
- Emotion between the main characters is felt
- Back story well developed
- Main characters are well developed through the whole story
Writing is powerful and tone is very well written
Overall Response
When I first bought the book, I did not think it would as good as some of the other books I have read, but it surprised me.
The character development was stunning and the trust that continuously grew between the characters shocked me in this type of dystopian novel.
The writing was powerful and the imagery created a movie in your head.
I would recommend this book for teen girls mostly because of the romantic aspect and because the main character is a girl, so it might be easier to relate to. Although, boys could most definitely read this book because of the action scenes. This dystopian novel is highly recommended by me because of the combination of romantic interaction and action which I find enjoyable to read. It also shows how family sticks together in the toughest of times.
Message of the Story
Never Leave The People You Love Behind
In the beginning of the book, Chase left Ember to join the Moral Militia.
Ember tried to run away from Chase.
Ember was than kidnapped by the Moral Militia and Chase rescued her.
When Chase was captured by the MM, Ember rescued him from the base camp.
Chase never left Ember behind or left her for dead even if he wanted to. They both needed each other, whether they wanted to or not. If you love someone enough, you won't leave them behind and you will fight to keep them safe.
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