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BBC's Top Gear

No description

luca linder

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of BBC's Top Gear

structure 1. history
2. info
3. the show
4. team
5. humor
6. sources history thank you !
are there any questions ? info - always-anonymous racing driver called ' the Stig'
- wears a white racesuit and a tinted helmet
- intro song : 'Jessica' from the Allman Brothers
- american TV magazin sais Top Gear has over 350 million viewers
- produced in United Kingdom
- language is english
- length : 60 minutes
- produced 147 episodes in 18 seasons the humor the cool wall Star in a Reasonably Priced Car tom cruise jay leno sebastian vettel rowan atkinson and many more . . . usain bolt cameron diaz the power lap James May Richard Hammond Jeremy Clarkson the team sources races challenges specials - invented in 1977
- 30 minutes long.
- originally car magazine which presented new cars and topics like drive security
- reached its peak in the 90s
- because producers desided to make the show more humorous, controverse, 'petrolhead talk'.
- presenters : Jeremy Clarkson, two racing drivers

- From 2002 Jeremy Clarkson presents new Top Gear
- 1 hour long
- two new co-presenters : James May and Richard Hammond. the show recurring elements Bugatti Veyron
Euro Fighter ' buy a car and convert your car
to get over the English Channel ' James May and Richard Hammond are on the way with a japanese train and want to beat Jeremy Clarkson who drives with the Nissan GTR truck challenges ' buy for 1500 pounds a car and drive through
africa ' Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson
- born 11.April 1960
- Doncaster, England
- british presenter, author and jounalist
- famous in 1989
because Top Gear
- main presenter up to 1999 - writes columns for the british newspaper 'Sunday Times' or 'The Sun' weekly
- married with Frances Catherine Cain
- three children

- hyundai complained about the comments at the Birmingham Motor Show
- narrow-minded and racist
- 'an employee had eaten a dog and the designer of the hyundai xg probably eaten a spaniel for his lunch'
- bmw employees > nazis
- trigger spectator protests > hitler salute
- offend gays because of his comments
- polarizes & provokes with his political uncorrect comments and his ironically satirical gibes
- BBC stands in spite of everything behind him
- published DVD 'if the USA produced a good car at all'
- 2007 Clarkson and James May : first humans at the magentic north with a car James Daniel May
- born 16th January 1963 in Bristol
- TV presenter and journalist
- famous Top Gear
- writes weekly columns for 'Daily Telegraph'
- nickname 'Captain Slow' driving style - drive Bugatti Veyron 407 km/h
- one brother, two sisters
- unmarried, lives with his girlfriend Sarah (journalist), and his tomcat in London
- wrote books, produced DVDs, TV shows
- awards: Emmy, National TV award Richard Mark Hammond
- born 19th December 1969 in Solihull
- british radio- and TV presenter
- began his career : local radioshow of BBC in York and Leeds
- writes weekly columns for 'The Daily Mirror' - married wife Amanda since 2002, two children
- 2009: own show called 'Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections'
- 7th September 2012: 'Richard Hammond's Crash Course' on Sport1

- 20th September 2006: accident during filming ninth season of Top Gear
- with a turbine-powered car
- seven succesful, front right tire exploded at a speed of 460 km/h
- car overturned, drilled upside down in the ground
- severe head injuries in the intensive care unit
- shown first episode of the ninth season
-presenters agreed not to show this accident anymore, not to talk about it anymore
- end of january 2007: presents the show
- interview : was to early, must still fight with the head injury
- summarized: book 'On the Edge' with wife 'we have mafia cars so me must get a corpse in the trunk' 'what ?....is this?
is this my....?' http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top_Gear

watched some episodes Nissan GTR Train 1 2 3 4 5
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