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Orbits and Eclipse

Some awesome information on Orbitys and Eclipses

Ethan Slaven

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Orbits and Eclipse

When planets orbit the sun they do not orbit the sun in a circle. The planets accually orbit the sun in a ellipses which are like ovals.
Why does orbiting happen
connecting orbiting with free fall
Orbiting is when you are falling but you miss the earth so you keep falling and going around the earth. Free Fall is when they is no gravity wen u are in space your not like "yay i am floating" it is more like "AHH I am falling" it is like this because every part in your body is feeling like it is falling because it actually is.
What are eclipses?
Solar eclipses and Lunar eclipses. Are they different?
Orbits and eclipses
Orbits and eclipses are linked. They are linked because eclipses happen because of the moon orbiting the earth and the earth orbiting the sun.
As they orbit they each get in the direct path that the suns light goes to the other in, creating an eclipse.
Orbits and Eclipse
Orbiting happens because the gravitational field around planets and stars are often strong enough to trap other masses so that the other masses travel around them continuously this id called orbiting. For example the the planets orbit around the Sun.
Yes they are different.
Eclipses happen when the moon or the earth go into each others shadows. Lunar eclipses happen when the moon goes into the earth's shadow and solar eclipses happen when the earth goes into the moon's shadow
It Take 365.25 Days
For The Earth To Orbit the Sun
Eclipses are when an object moves in front of the sun and casts it's shadow on another object.
B Y D Y L A N , E T H A N , K Y U S , R O N A N

There are always 2 lunar eclipses a year but some years there can be as many as 5.
1 What is an eclipse?
2 How does an eclipse happen?
3 Why does an eclipse make everything turn dark?
4 How often does a lunar eclipse happen?
5 What happens to the moon during a lunar eclipse?
6 Do objects always orbit an object?
7 Why do objects orbit others?
8 How long does it take the Earth to orbit the sun?
9 What pulls the planets to make them orbit?
10 How did planets come to orbit?
On average there are 2.4 solar eclipses each year
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