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Technology Trends in Recruiting

No description

Randolph New York

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Technology Trends in Recruiting

Add a picture of your business and include an audio hiring message from your mobile device to create job listings for available positions

Social Media Shines Through
Update Job listings on your own career site
Quantifiable Candidate Credentials
-Ability to delegate
-Strong communicator
-Strong sense of humor
-Projects confidence
-Demonstrates commitment
-Demonstrates creativity
-"Out of the box" thinker
-Exudes a positive attitude
-Demonstrates the ability to inspire
The Resume
Effortless communication in the workplace right from your mobile device
R.I.P Resume's & ATS
1. Slingshot
Contact coworkers
Hashtags for tracking keywords
Technology Trends for the Recruiting Industry 2013
Migration towards
The Rise of "Big Data"
Larger focus on the intangibles
Goodbye Technological Uniformity
Tired of interviewing unqualified candidates?
Showcase your company through a mobile -optimized recruiting website
Quickly and conveniently contact potential candidates using mobile devices:
Technology is available to sift through candidates and assess their abilities with a prerequisite skills test

Top 7 Recruiting Trends of the Future
3. Jobspeek
2. HireVue
Offers remote job interviewing
Allows recruiters to share video interviews with others on the hiring team
Create interview questions & send to prospective employees to record their responses via webcam
A pre-test determined John Doe's skill level
Confidently contact candidates knowing specific abilities ahead of time
Big Data will be the backbone of almost all big relational databases and will be a huge impact on the direction of recruiting.
SmartphoneRecruiting Apps
Share information with your team in
Access your
database, update information, and add new records remotely on mobile devices.

Down & Out
Ways to optimize your mobile website
Smartphone recruiting apps
Up & Coming
Online resumes and social profiles contain much more context and information than their outdated predecessors.
Text alerts to notify candidates of status updates regarding the job process
Applicant Tracking System
Clean and convenient web layouts
Easy to operate search bar
Just 1-2 clicks for additional information
Finger-friendly buttons
Instant "Click to call" feature
Applicant tracking systems lack the engagement that modern and updated databases thrive on.
Primitive workflow tools have made current ATS programs less and less important.
Biometric data and proprietary algorithms will help recruiters better predict likely candidates for certain positions.
Big Data
Video conferencing is surely becoming the preferred way to conduct meetings, sales calls, and most importantly, interviews.
Different data will be linked to different sources, making newer analytic platforms more needed and versatile.
Easily accessible,organized data simplifies daily operations for companies immensely.
On-the-go mobile job postings
NoSQL allows employers to retrieve and store information on a simple operating base rather than the traditional relational database.
Finer and faster control over data has made NoSQL a momentum gaining trend in information management.
Couchbase Server
Apache CouchDB
Social media is important for both screening candidates and developing a presence in the online community.

Facebook steps up to the plate
The days of using only LinkedIn are no more.

Facebook is becoming more popular in the recruiting industry especially with its most popular job posting app, Work for Us.

Features of Work for Us:
Syncs with popular search engines such as Indeed, SimplyHired, etc.
Measure success rate with Jobcast's social analytic tool
Build a comprehensive mobile optimized career site
Customization in Technology
Specialized Skills
Business Process Optimization
Improving the Candidate Experience
One click syncing with all your social networks
Social Media Changes Recruitment
From personalized shortcuts to software and browser extensions, technology customization continues to trend upwards.
New website customization as well as portal control give recruiters the most effortless workflow yet.
With the additions of social media, mobile access, and cloud computing, data modeling and integrated solutions have never been more accessible.
The online community allows job seekers, recruiters, and employers to connect socially, making it easier for companies to build a group of talented candidates for future job positions.
In today's tech influenced world, employees must have certain skills that pertain to their companies essential needs.
-Social media presence
-Systems management
-High-level consulting
-Big picture outlook
-Negotiation and Persuasion
-Detail and accuracy attention
-Business motivation and understanding
-IT comprehension
Companies need to have employees that can maintain the business's relation with the new developing technologies.
Positions that call for business process re-engineering range from determining outdated technologies to improving company productivity.
-Director of New Business Development
-Director of Demand Generation
-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Director
-Project Manager of Optimization/Testing
However, it is important not to rely solely on social media. Be sure to verify that skills and references match on both the resume and social media profile.
Collaborate securely across departments, geographies, content, and business applications
Time and geographic constraints have led to greater use of video conferencing and meetings.
Publicly share information to your entire company
Virtual resumes simultaneously help candidates, employees, and the company.
Companies can further market themselves through online profiles.
Different databases serve different companies.
The "Google" search for people
Smartphones have more customizable options and preferences then ever before
Candidates can be assessed with up to date screening procedures.
Deliver a realistic & clear job position description to attract those who have the appropriate skill set
Video interview screening
Social media
Utilize candidate screening technology
Effective ways to screen candidates:
2013 Selection Management Systems
Technologies such as "keyword finders" that existed in 'ATS', put both job seekers, and mid to small sized businesses at a disadvantage.
Out With The Old
Analytics : Here to Stay
Virtual profiles let candidates create a "reputation" long before meeting potential employers.
Companies and corporations now completely rely on Big Data. Big Data and the technology used to understand and read it continue to help predict trends and cycles.
The greater amount of data, the more successful interpretation, the greater the results!
Employers look to move on from strictly resume generated information to a greater quantifiable candidate credentials
Employers used to heavily emphasize candidates GPA, institutions, major, references, etc.
Candidates used to rely on interviews as their chance to leave a mark with a company:
-Content (of resume)
People persons matter
Due to the lack of jobs, networking has become more important than ever. Some tips to generating relationships in the job hunt:
Establishing your network
Reaching out to your most important sources
Improving your communication with your network
Build relationships within your network
Maintaining stability in your network
2013 More Community Oriented
Candidate Screening Technology
When creating a mobile website, less is more and content should be easy to find.
Resume's lack the multitude of options that new websites offer.
New websites offer past history, references, etc. that the traditional resume can not display.
Visual CV
MySQL or SQL operated using as many servers as needed. As time continued and companies grew, so did the number of servers, becoming inconvenient.
Analytics help organize important information into appropriate categories
Analytics can help turn numbers into easily readable graphs and charts
Older ATS systems combined with vaster amounts of data begin to show their simplicity and disorganization
More and more analytic platforms and apps will help continue transform data
One- click submission to job search engines
Syncs with social media
Post jobs and receive applications on Facebook for free

Communicating in the Workplace
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