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Authority Figures

2nd Grade Social Studies lesson at Student Expectation Level for TEKS

Joli Barker

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Authority Figures

There are many examples of authority figures around the world... for example... In London, they have a queen! and.... in Zimbabwe, Africa they have a dictator. But here in the United States... We have a president. Our country elects our leader.
The President is the leader of our military. The president also leads all law making and changing in our country. Our current president:
Barack Obama Every state has its own leader too! The state leader is a governor. The governor controls how the state is run in things like budgeting, appointing state government officials, and making laws. Our current governor
is Rick Perry. Every city in our state has a leader. McKinney Our mayor's role
is to lead the city
decision making
on laws, budgeting,
and other decisions. Brian Loughmiller is the mayor of McKinney. In every city, there is a school... Slaughter Elementary At our school we have a principal.
He leads the teachers and students
and makes decisions about rules and
budget for the school. Our principal of our school
is Mr. DeFelice.
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