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PICK ME University of Delaware: yoU Deserve the best college experience!

Submission for the Prezi "why my school is best" campus competition. Vote to help us win a campus license for Prezi! We suggest setting the auto-timing, in the lower-left corner of the show, to 4 sec per idea. Then sit back and enjoy the show!

Sandy McVey

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of PICK ME University of Delaware: yoU Deserve the best college experience!

Philly and NYC to the north
Baltimore and DC to the south
Meet-up and connect to
people who make a difference.
Now that you know great
opportunities are located at UD...

Student Developers:
Michael Novack, MIS and Operations Mgmt, '14
Andrew Kuczmarski, Biology, '15

Video: Travis Ament, UD Trailer 2010, YouTube

Photos of UD people, places and things:
Andrew Kuczmarski, campussmiles.smugmug.com
Kathy F. Atkinson, UDigital Portfolio
Lindsey Reich, UDigital Portfolio
Madeleine Duncan, campussmiles.smugmug.com
Evan Krape, UDigital Portfolio
Mark Campbell, UDigital Portfolio

Google Images: Liberty Bell-Philly, Statue of Liberty-NYC, Baltimore Harbor, D.C.-Capitol,
money bags, and shopping person.

Map of Delaware: geography.com

Technical Design Adviser:
Sandy McVey, IT Academic Technology Services

Concept Review Adviser:
Frances O'Brien, International Students & Scholars

Background Music:
Uh-Oh, Part 2, by Fugue State, opsound.org
Video Music: World Map, YouTube free music

Urban and rural activities steps away
from the "2011 Great American Main Street."
Princeton Review
"Best Value School"
Sports, Music and Student Club
activities are part of your daily life.
Let's give you some perspective...
High retention rates and Career Services enables your next steps to take you wherever want to go.
What are you waiting for!

Apply today!
Spend time with people a lot like you...
...and some not so much...
Where you're free to creatively
express your UD school spirit!
Participate in the 1st Study Abroad program in the USA.
Wishing for adventure?

the only
question is ...
Where bricks-n-mortar learning and
high-tech research go hand-in-hand.
Ivy League quality without the Ivy League pricetag.
University of Delaware
Check out
We want on our team!
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