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The CEO's a Time Bomb - Case Study

No description

Alexandria Guccione

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of The CEO's a Time Bomb - Case Study

Black Shirt, Black Shoes, Black Hat, Cadillac:
The CEO's a Time Bomb A Case Study
by Lexie Guccione,
Stephen Felano,
and Chloe Mister Cablevision Madison Square Garden New York Knicks Sexual Harassment Allegations Isiah Thomas, Head Coach Anucha Browne Sanders, Senior VP of Marketing James J. Dolan, CEO profanity, loud voice, inappropriate touching MSG internal investigation nothing to support claims Browne Sanders was terminated $10 million lawsuit public trial airs everyone's dirty laundry Browne Sanders walks away with $11.6 million WHAT HAPPENED?! negative press coverage "Lured into My Limo" poor image management "slumped... in a collarless shirt" "The World's Most Heinous Arena" What SHOULD HAVE Happened immediate apology
and acknowledgement of issues image consultation settle as soon as possible! In the future... sexual harassment workshops on a regular basis
reorganize the management
lawyers and PR team collaborate
have a strategic plan in place
media relations training resulting in public distain:
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