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Shop Around the Clock

Project “Shop Around the Clock“ is an inter-school project of students from Austria and Lithuania. This project is designed to provide students with useful information about safe shopping online.

Daiva Bitvinskienė

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Shop Around the Clock

Shop Around the Clock
“Where should I shop for a new MP3, and what’s the best brand to buy? Is it cheaper to buy it online? “ We all want to stretch our money as far as it will go. But being
a wise consumer
requires the right information and plenty of practice.
This project is designed to provide students not only with useful information about safe shopping online, but also to teach them how to present the information creatively using information technologies, the media and personal talents.
It can also help students understand the purchasing alternatives available to them and to help them practice techniques for finding the best price on a product they want to buy and being safe while shopping online.
Teachers may find the information of the project useful for their lessons as pedagogical resources dealing with the different subjects of ONLINE SHOPPING.
With the help of our great and active teachers Daiva, Ruta and Isabella we established a team and started working on a Project, the aim of which is to provide people not only with useful information about safe shopping online, but also how to present it creatively using information technologies, the media and personal talents. First, we started our work with brainstorming followed by generating the ideas and dividing duties among team members. One group worked on creating the movie, another wrote the song and shot the music video, while the third created the internet sight and the fourth group did the presentation of the Project work. While collaborating we tried to do our best, which we hope will bring us success. Besides, it will be useful not only for other people but also for us. Being in touch with each other via the e-mail and Facebook we became real friends and it helped us to do the Project creatively and sincerely.

I think this Project was great experience for all groups because it was interesting to communicate with each other and it was also really helpful for our English speaking skills. The theme was entertaining and familiar so it was easy to discuss about it even in a foreign language. In my opinion, this Project was helpful because it expanded our horizon, trained our self-confidence and we had a great time!

Dos & Dont's when shopping online
Our students speak about taking part in Inter-School Competition...
Meet our team...
Isabella Polligger, Daiva Bitvinskiene, Ruta Jankauskiene
Teacher's Corner
Greetings from Austria
Some shopping online adventures…
“My mom found great toothbrushes for our family in one online shop. She was so excited about the purchase that she forgot to select “home delivery”. It took 2 months’ time to get a message from a shop manager telling about the toothbrushes waiting for us in Vilnius, almost 200 km away from home”.
“E-shopping is a fantastic thing for such forgetful boys like me, e.g. every time I am late to buy a birthday present for my friend, I order something online 2 days before and when we get to celebrate the birthday, I just say: “Your gift is on its way!” Safe!"
“I wanted to buy some headphones for myself online. They were the ones I had been looking for! But when I wanted to pay for them, my problems started… They didn’t charge any money from my bankcard even though they wrote they had done it. I tried to pay 3 times! Finally, I decided not to buy. And you know what? Two months later I got 3 headphones… for free! I couldn’t believe it!”
“Some time ago I saw a perfect pair of black shoes in an online shop. I thought they would go really well with my new dress so I ordered them. A couple days later my order came to the door. I was really excited to try them on, but when I opened the box I saw that they were bright yellow. They sent me the wrong color!"
Greetings from Lithuania
To have fun dealing with the different subjects of ONLINE SHOPPING we recommend links from Consumerclassroom resources:
http://www.galactor.org/ (an online game about shopping online and consumer rights)

Links & websites for teachers on ONLINE SHOPPING:
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