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Module 1 Product

No description

Rachael Purgerson

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Module 1 Product

How does literature demonstrate possibilities for redemption, even in the face of failure?
Literature demonstrates possibilities for redemption in the face of failure, by allowing the character to make a personal decision of a big moral change. This is displayed in the Wife of Baths Tale.

"While mere renown makes gentility,
Your ancestors and their great bounty,
Which is external and not your own;
Your nobility comes from God alone."
This quote shows that you do not follow your determined path from ancestors, but choose your own.
How does the Knight’s Code of Chivalry in today’s society mirror the Code in its original context?
I personally found that Chivalry has not disaperaed
How do authors use the difference between social expectations and actual reality to demonstrate the shortcomings of mankind?
What are your personal shortcomings, and how does literature address them?
Personal shortcomings are ways that you, as a reader, can personally relate to the story. Authors include these in their writings to make that personal connection with the characters. In our readings, the most common shortcomings are:
Moral codes
Module 1 Product
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