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Accenture - 1st WebDemo (Taleo-recruitment) 2/19/13

Ron is the SE

Jen Short

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Accenture - 1st WebDemo (Taleo-recruitment) 2/19/13

Case Studies Traditional SaaS Model b) sustain losses for n-years c) Recoup as you pivot business a) Acquire clients @ high cost Rene Birthday Challenge e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ f n c e The Basics it's all about... B2B Sales has a very High CAC JIVE, BCOV show challenges with this model in Enterprise sales BCOV Is this the only way? LET"S GOOGLE IT! What do they mean administrator empowerment?? Question Losses are sustained at bigger volume of clients Result Demo Time 4,679 clients Large Scale! ? Tools Content Organization Methodology Hire, Train, Compensate and
organize in a flat Structure Trust, Provoke & Consult Leverage Social Media Make it Engaging & Fresh Change is difficult! What if... @IndoJacco Canal Barge To the attention of David Skok Thank you for being so awesome. David,
Scott Shawnee, KS Agenda sales Skills Expert in Engaging, Story Telling & Online Selling Don't forget to call your Mom! Help me! T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Of Course! Rewire your brain to not
fight the change but to use it! Why What How defining the f c Financial Performance Common
Challenges Future Flexibility Risk Management and identifying the best Solution Solution Solution Solution solution solution solution solution solution solution solution i i y e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ f v c i f e e t n e s s & easy to add new users, departments and processes 2. Highly scalable & extremely flexible 3. Process Analysis Analyze your processes with real data... not hunches ? Your Major Investment... All Applications | All Releases | All Platforms | All Interfaces Lawson Partner Advisory Board Member Deployed in AP & Contracts Administration AP | HR | Travel & Expense | Process Flow Complement | Rapid Integration Healthcare | Retail | Distribution | Services Partners since 2000 2011 Lawson Partner Product of the Year Approximately 250+ Lawson Deployments Lawson is a
CUSTOMER!! ? Financial performance Your Enterprise Environment Risk management Future flexibility ? ? ? ? ? ? content management process management Process and Content Management 1. Administrator Empowerment Help from IT is rarely necessary Understanding the Problem How to manage B2B sales facing an exponential CAC. JIVE, BCOV show challenges with this model in Enterprise sales Understanding The Challenge Thus you invest to make every interaction with your client [+], such as bringing on success managers creating a significant increase in cost in Y2 and Y3. Traditional sales approach results in Enterprise buyers requiring a similar effort to earn a significant smaller
revenue. So SaaS says for you to build a business model based on future returns. Revenue of a 25,000 SaaS license PERPETUAL SW LICENSE MODEL HOSTED (SAAS) SW LICENSE i) First year revenue as a result of an enterprise wide licenses commitment. ii) Minus Marketing & Sales cost, that have a direct relationship to the revenue both in amount & time. iii) Allowing sales to build a model that shows profits at the time the investments are made. VS But future revenues are not guaranteed, you need to earn it and invest even further. Annual M&S Annual M&S SW License +
1st year M&S Discover Get the precise information at the time and place it’s needed (Construction/20 offices coast to coast) (Nuclear, Aerospace/Managing 100s of suppliers) Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company Document retrieval:
hours to seconds (Agricultural, real estate & mineral/
Overlooks 130 smaller companies) Eliminate off-site document storage Invoice processing:
10 days to same day 40% productivity (Real estate/50 locations and 9,000 vendors) $1 million
annual savings Capture Manage Intelligently extract data that’s critical to organizing and sharing information with the people and systems that need it most Direct and control the entire lifecycle of your documents and protect the information within them Access ex: annotation, collaboration, workflow, approvals, digital signatures, security, auditing, disposition, etc. Make quick adjustments and adapt to changes the future may throw your way Improve Deliver the processes you’ve modeled to a desktop or a mobile device as user-ready applications Execute Use the insight you’ve gained to model your processes for better results Design Illuminate the reality of your processes, exposing bottlenecks that disrupt the flow of productivity content management process management Process and Content Management Perceptive Software What we hope we look like What my friends think I do What my mom thinks I do What we actually look like we look like What we hope happens What actually happens How we feel when it’s over Perceptive's Profile Founded in 1995 in Kansas City

One of the 10 largest ECM providers in the world Perceptive is used by more than 3,000 organizations in 30+ countries

Regional offices in all over the world Acquired by Lexmark International in June 2010

$100M in software licenses sold over past 3.5 years

Added Pallas Athena (BPM), Brainware (Intelligent Capture), ISYS (Enterprise Search) & Nolij (Web & Mobile Solutions) to Perceptive family within the past 15 months Who the heck
are these guys!?! Perceptive offers an average ROI of 13 months RESEARCH: Forrester and Nucleus Reports: Ease of configuration, patented integration technology and platform flexibility yield lower total cost of ownership. Gartner: Lower TCO… Means Higher, Faster ROI!! "A happy employee makes a happy customer."
-Scott LearnMode Intelligent Capture:
Powered by Brainware Administrator
Empowerment Dynamic workflow Process Mining (Food Distribution/750 stores in 18 states) Barron Collier Company JE Dunn Argo Turboserve Corporation Bentall Kennedy 1. 2. 3. 4. Why Customers Choose Us 2 3 4 Provides content in context On average, customers realize a ROI within 13 months Intuitive for casual and non-technical users Enables customers to leverage existing technology 5 1 Easy to add new users, departments
and processes Questions? Quick Return on Investment Patented, rapid integration with
existing systems Ease of use & administration Highly scalable and flexible Secure yet open technical platform Process Mining © 2011 Perceptive Software, LLC. All rights reserved. 360 Account Review A complete review of all things Perceptive Who the heck
are these guys?? Introduction Presentation Process and Content Management Demonstration Review general functionality Interview process
Benefits approval process
Electronic offer package Accenture North
America Recruiting & Perceptive Software Your Major Investment... Partners since 2001 Oracle validated integration methods More than 370 Oracle Enterprise Application customers Perceptive is used by more than 3,000 organizations in 45+ countries

Regional offices in all over the world Perceptive's Worldwide Presence AEG Worldwide Visa Nissan AMC Entertainment Bentall Kennedy Hill-Rom, Inc. New York University Teva Neuroscience Relationship with Oracle Customer success stories Discuss our solution for Accenture's: Cloud? The is the world's largest owner of sports teams and sports events AEG extends around the globe as AEG employs more than 3,000 staff in over 60 operating companies worldwide. The owner of the world’s most profitable sports and entertainment venues Under AEG Live, the world's second largest presenter of live music and entertainment events Annual sales of $7.7 billion and 27,000 employees in 40 countries, Praxair, Inc. (NYSE:PX). A global, Fortune 300 company that supplies atmospheric, process and specialty gases, high-performance coatings, and related services and technologies. “Perceptive Software training gave us the skills to administer the solution ourselves, without relying on our IT department. We’ve found that it requires little attention. It’s a very low-maintenance product.” “Perceptive Software’s products, including ImageNow, offered strong out-of-the-box features, but also enabled us to customize workflows to meet our needs.” Caterpillar
Time Warner Cable
UC Health in Cincinnati, OH
ICF Caterpillar Inc. Time Warner Cable Cinemark Expedia The initial footprint is for a NA division and then will be rolling out over time to manage all 110,000 employee records. Integration with PeopleSoft and Taleo was key for their US based electronic personnel records project. Perceptive captures documents form Taleo as well as hardcopy back files. Primary project features: Retention management
eForms for a checklist and complimentary forms World’s leading online travel provider, ranked #565 in the FORTUNE 1000

Expedia is using Perceptive Software to automate their HR onboarding process and build/maintain electronic personnel files for their 12,000 employees. Leader in the motion picture exhibition industry with 461 theatres and 5,207 screens in 13 countries

Cinemark is using Perceptive to management its employee onboarding documents from all theatres world wide
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