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No description

Vicente Moreno

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Naruto

Naruto and his World Naruto and his World This Prezi will teach you something that probably you don't know, at least not exactly... This kid is called Naruto Uzumaki and he has a long history This Prezi will teach you many new
things about this japanese character. Naruto is very famous around the world, he has an anime (its like a cartoon but better) and has tons of videogames for all kinds of videogame consoles. This tittle of videogame is very famous around the world. Just this series of games has sold more than 8 million copies, there are many more series for all kinds of consoles. Naruto started his life totally alone, his parents died and he didnt have any familiar or somebody that took care of him.And he was discriminated by the rest for having the "nine tailed beast" inside of him. He has a very pitiful life but slowly he is getting to happiness. History Eternal Rival Sasuke, Naruto's rival from the beginning, he is always one step forward than him, they fight many times during the anime. Rasengaaaaaaaan!!!! Naruto is an ingredient of Ramen.
Ramen is basically a soup with noodles, it has many other variable ingredients, and naruto is one of the ingredients for this japanese soup. Naruto is not just the name of a fiction character. 5 Big Nations There is a different kage for each nation. Hokage,Raikage,Tsuchikage,Mizukage and Kazekage. They all have special hats that just them can wear. Instead of presidents, they have kages. h h Its supossed that the kages are the strongest ninja in their villages. Naruto lives in the Secret Leaf Villge. Manga and Anime Naruto is actually the most popular anime/manga in the world. (A manga is like a comic but you have to read it the other way round and an anime is the japanese cartoon). Tailed Beasts There are 9 tailed beasts and one of them is inside Naruto, for controling this beasts they need to seal them inside people, the person must be strong enough to survive the sealing and to carry the beasts with him all the time, this are the strongest weapons in Naruto's world. Ninja Training First ninjas must go to the academy, later they become genin when they graduate from the academy, becoming part of a team of 3 ninjas, later after demonstrating their abilities in the chunin exams they become chunins, being able to be the "couch" of the genins teams, from that point and afterward they just can pass to being jonin if the headmasters think that he is in that level, and for becoming hokage they need to be really strong
and skillful apart from being chosen. Characters In this anime there are 4 main characters and over 200 characters in total. Just some of
them. Antagonists As in all stories there are antogonists, this are the main ones. Jutsus In Naruto's world the energy is called chakra and its supposed that the hand posses help transfer chakra different parts of the body. The ninja uses chakra to perform his jutsus (special techniques). Finally... All this world was created by Masashi Kishimoto and I hope you enjoyed or atleast learned about Naruto with this prezi. By: Vicente M.
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