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Year 10 - Food Technology - Week 2 - SINGLE

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Alexandra Playford

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Year 10 - Food Technology - Week 2 - SINGLE

Lesson Objectives
To understand what is meant by the term standard component.

To identify the advantages and disadvantages of standard components.

To be able to give examples of standard components used in the kitchen and food manufacturing.
What is a standard component?
A standard component is a pre-prepared item or ingredient that is used in the production of another product.

In the food industry manufacturers buy standard components from other manufacturers.

Examples include: pizza bases, ready to roll icing, stock cubes, sauces for pasta, ready made pastry, fruit fillings for pies, marzipan etc - Can you think of any more??
Advantages of using standard components
Ensures consistency of flavour, texture, weight, shape and colour. Allows for exact replication of a product.
Saves preparation time
The quality is guaranteed.
Speeds up the manufacturing process.
Less effort and skills required by staff
Less machinery and specialist equipment is required. Complex production lines take up a lot of space.
Less risk of cross-contamination. High risk product can be prepared elsewhere.
Components can be bought in bulk
Can save the manufacturer money.
A wider range of products can be produced.
Think, Pair, Share

Task: You will have 5 minutes to discuss and decide whether the statements about standard components in your books are advantages or disadvantages.
Disadvantages of using standard components
Dependent upon another manufacturer to supply a product can be less reliable.
The components can be more expensive than manufacturing yourself.
The sensory qualities of the components may not be as good.
A considerable amount of storage space may be required.
Special storage conditions may be required.
The quality may not be as good.
Standard Components
Task 2: Using the examples on your worksheet, suggest what ready prepared ingredients a food manufacturer could buy in to save time, money and skills when preparing the following:

Tomato Soup
Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Iced Fruit Cake

REMEMBER - You must write in full sentences explaining your answers fully.
Key Questions
- Can you explain what is meant by the term standard component?

- Can you list an advantage of using standard components in food manufacturing?

- Can you list 2 disadvantages of using standard components in food manufacturing?

- Can you provide an example of a product we havent discussed today that uses standard components?

- Why do food manufacturers use standard components?
Why do manufacturers use standard components?
Manufacturers use standard components in their food products to save:

To ensure a consistent product is produced.

Before deciding to use s standard component the manufacturer will check:
Whether the product uses any additives (artificial colours or flavours)
The nutritional profile of the product
The source of ingredients (air miles, organic products)
Sensory qualities (taste, texture and appearance)

Year 10 - Food Technology
Week 2 - Standard Components
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