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EDCI 666 Presentation - Virtual Manipulatives

No description

Tom Harrington

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of EDCI 666 Presentation - Virtual Manipulatives

Computer might move image from a users response
No direct manipulation by user
Virtual Manipulatives
Virtual vs. Physical
What are Virtual Manipulatives?
Virtual Manipulatives at the Elementary Level
Virtual Manipulatives

High School Setting

Have you used a virtual manipulative in your teaching?

What are Virtual Manipulatives?
Static Images or Representations
Computer-Manipulated Images
Virtual Manipulatives
Interactive experience
Perform mathematical investigations
There is a growing body of research comparing
virtual and physical manipulatives
Linking of visual
and symbolic models
Guided step-by-step
Immediate feedback
Easy to manage
Accessible at home
Tactile features
More opportunity for
invented strategies
More mental math
All studies showed students increased just as much
using virtual manipulatives as concrete manipulatives
Students overwhelmingly preferred virtual manipulatives
All articles concluded that virtual and physical manipulatives should be used together in the classroom
Teacher Beliefs
How do you feel about using manipulatives?
First Grade Study
Third Grade Study
Free Virtual Manipulatives
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
- http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html

- http://illuminations.nctm.org/

Math Playground
- http://www.mathplayground.com/math_manipulatives.html

Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives

Grade One Test
Control Group
Treatment Group
Pretest class average 89.5%
Post test class average 96.3%
Pretest class average 71.6%
Post test class average 96.8%
Grade Two Test
Control Group
Treatment Group
Pretest class average 72%
Post test class average 86%
Pretest class average 62.8%
Post test class average 93%
Conclusion: Virtual manipulatives were extremely effective for the treatment group
image from dreamstime.com
Conceptual Knowledge Assessment
Procedural Knowledge Assessment
Class average 60%

Post test
Class average 69%
- 53% improved their score
-21% stayed the same
-26% decreased their score
Class average 90%

Post test
Class average 96%
- 37% improved their score
-37% stayed the same
-26% decreased their score
74% of student scores stayed consistent or increased
image from inspiration.com
image from educatorsoutlet.com
image from squarespace.com
image from basicprepacademy.com
Discussion Points
- Importance
- Incorporation
- Benefits
User can not move or manipulate the image
Not developing meaning
Kristal Ellsworth
Justin Baker
Tom Harrington
Dana Saragaglia
Physical Manipulatives
Virtual Manipulatives

Multiple Representations
Geometry, Shapes,
Volume, and Dimensions
You Tube
Final Thoughts
Virtual Manipulatives
Secondary Level
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