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Unit 13 - tour operations

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Michael Owusu-Dartey

on 23 April 2017

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Transcript of Unit 13 - tour operations

learning outcomes
1. Review the operations different categories of Tour Operators

2. Evaluate the roles and responsibilities Tour Operators
Categories of Tour Operators
1. Outbound tour operators

2. Inbound tour operators

3. Domestic tour operators

4. Specialist tour operators

5. Mass-market tour operators

Outbound tour operators
Working in pairs, discuss and write down what outbound tour operators do.

Tour companies that offer holidays for British people travelling abroad

Inbound tour operators
Working in pairs, write the roles of inbound tour operators and give one example of an Inbound tour company
Categories of Tour Operators
Create a mind map of different categories of tour operators you can think

Unit 13 - tour operations
Not examples of companies
Write down one example of an outbound tour company
Outbound tour operators
Inbound, or incoming, UK tourism is concerned with meeting the needs of the increasing numbers of overseas visitors who choose to visit Britain

Just as we might visit a travel agency to book our annual overseas holiday or business trip abroad, many overseas visitors do the same in their own country when they want to come to Britain

A travel agent in Australia, for example, who has a client wanting to spend a week in Wales, has to contact a tour operator to make all the arrangements

Many incoming tour operators in the UK are members of UKinbound

Group activity
In your groups, write down the roles and responsibilities for one of the categories of tour operators below and give examples of 2 companies.

1. Inbound tour operators

2. Domestic tour operators

3. Specialist tour operators

4. Mass-market tour operators
Domestic tour operators
Domestic tour operators are companies that specialise in holidays in the UK for British people

They offer a very wide range of holiday products, from packages in holiday centres such as Center Parcs and Butlins, to coach holidays in all parts of Britain

Many domestic tour operators deal directly with their customers rather than selling through travel agents

Specialist Tour Operator
There is a growing demand for specialist tour operators from a travelling public that is looking for something more than the mass-market companies offer

Many specialist operators join the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) to help their businesses grow and to develop the interests of the sector

Inbound tour operators
Mass market
tour operators
The mass-market tour operators are amongst the best-known names in the travel and tourism sector, courtesy of their big advertising budgets!

They include companies such as Thomson Holidays, Thomas Cook, Virgin Holidays and Cosmos

They are the supermarkets of the travel industry, as they sell large volumes of value-for-money holidays to millions of customers every year

Pair Activity
Can you have a friend that you don’t really like?

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