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Fighting the Guerrilla

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

Nicolas Mendieta

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Fighting the Guerrilla

FARC. The Beginning... Began as a liberalist movement.
Conservative governemt opressing the peasants and farmers. Manuel Marulanda Velez "Tirofijo". Until the 1980s FARC was greatly supported. FARC changes views... Cocaine 1,000 armed soldiers in 1980s...

...9,000 to 12,000 armed soldiers now. "Gramaje" tax on drug traffickers.
Major supplier of drugs into the United States
Kidnappings $91.6 million yearly in just kidnappings!
$510 million income from extortion anually! In 2004, FARC made about $1.36 billion, but only spent around $200 million on arms and supplies. Governor Luis Fransisco Cuellar dead.
Presidential candidate kidnapped then released after six and half years.
Five kidnappings a day.
450 Policeman still held as bargaining chips. Colombian government conducted peace talks with FARC, that led nowhere.
Colombia needs help THE END
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