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Violence In Schools

No description

Sadia Sarker

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Violence In Schools

Why Should We Care?
Violence In Schools
What Is School Violence?
School Violence is when a student or a teacher is being threatened. This is a problem because, this year there were more than 800 000 school victimization of children and teenagers ages 12 to 18, and more than 7 percent of high school graders reported being threatened with a weapon on school property, an additional 6 percent admitted to bringing a weapon to school for protection.
Key Terms And Definitions
Violence: Is use of physical force threatened against a person or that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury or death.
Peer Victimization: Is experience of being a target of the aggressive behavior of others, who are not siblings.
Terrorism: Terror is often violent, usually in the communities.
Alcoholism: Is when someone has problems with alcohol, and is generally used to and uncontrollable consumption of alcoholic beverages. Usually once someone is drunk they tend to do things, they regret later.

How Does School Violence Affect Us Globally?
School violence is becoming a global issue everywhere, such as the United States Of America. They're facing a giant situation, as there is even more serious school violence day by day. It is not only harming a child, but also creating big concerns between parents, teachers and schools. As children are the leaders of the next generation, WE MUST educate them properly, but school violence is destroying education system all over the globe.
Why Should Kids Care?
Kids should care because a study showed that kids and teenagers who were involved in helping others, feel very positive about their lives, and would have high hopes for their own futures. Another reason why kids should care about school violence because, violence can happen in their schools!
My Solution!
If I win the $100 000, I will use it to start a fundraiser call "End The Silence, Stop The Violence." I will send the money from the fundraiser to schools to buy metal detectors, surveillance cameras, or a couple of security guards, to make the students feel a bit more protected at school.

Thanks For Watching!
Why Should Adults Care?
Adults should care because teachers are also being threatened. When teachers don't feel safe, kids don't feel safe. When kids don't feel safe, they start to bring weapons to school to protect themselves.
Why should the community care?
The community should care because they might have gone through what children are going through now, and it will continue going on forever and ever, so the community should care because they can help schools and students when they need the help the most.
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