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Smartphone App & Blog

No description

Lea Baddour

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Smartphone App & Blog

Food Safety Smartphone Application
Blog for the
Lebanese Population

is to provide the consumers with reliable information about their food and to ensure the communication between them and the concerned authorities.
This will eventually improve the monitoring of food safety in Lebanon by using interactive means to report any deviations in the quality of food products manufactured and sold in Lebanon
Latest food poisoning outbreaks in Lebanon (through our research, we noticed that none of the food outbreaks are reported or found online)

Recent regulations related to food safety in Lebanon

Announcements about recently ISO certified Lebanese food industries

Recent newspapers articles related to food safety

Optional setting
: Application/blog users can receive notifications regarding latest news without the need to access the application daily
Part IV - Locations of the approved and certified restaurants and food industries in Lebanon
List of the approved and certified:
-food industries
& their location on the map according to the different regions in Lebanon
Part V - Reporting to the Ministry of Economy (Customers Protection Directorate)
Link between the Lebanese consumer and Ministry of Economy to report any food poisoning or foodborne illness case following the consumption of contaminated food from restaurants or industries

The Application master & representatives of concerned ministries will then follow up the reported cases to take corrective actions

This will protect the consumer from any recurrence of illness from food and increase the reliability of the Ministry of Economy
Methodology and implementation
Nagham Abi Ramia
Lea Baddour
Bouchra Hayek
Raissa Maria Homsi

Supervisor: Dr. Hussein HASSAN
Project Beneficiaries
If this application serves its purpose right, it will not only help customers and retailers, but with everyone's cooperation also, we can help Lebanon to become a more trusted place for
food industrial trade

This initiative will have a great impact on the Lebanese population altogether. It will:

Raise awareness on food safety and quality
Inform the customers of all emerging outbreaks
Encourage food providers to implement food safety measures
Create a means of communication between the customer and the concerned Ministries

By investing in such an application/blog, we will be improving food safety status; and thus, well-being of Lebanese citizens.

Part II - Increasing Food Safety Awareness
Facts about food safety to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles and food habits such as tips on good practices related to:

Food safety knowledge and practice quizzes

Tip of the day

Optional setting
: Customers can receive a daily tip as a notification without the need to access the application daily

Part I - News:
Part III - Open Discussion Forums:
This application will provide the opportunity for the customers to ask questions about any food related issue so that experts can answer them.

Also, it will be a good place for customers to share any innovative ideas.


The food safety Smartphone application will provide all the above services along with much more in just a simple application downloaded on your cell phone or an easily accessible blog!
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Part V
This project will be executed in collaboration with the Consumer Protection Hotline established by the Ministry of Economy and other concerned Ministries
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