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Chapter 6: Describing teachers

No description

Ivana Baglione

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 6: Describing teachers

Chapter 6: Describing teachers

Facilitator: T guides Ss democratically

Controller: T stands at the front of the class, dictating everything that happens.

Prompter: T encourages Ss, pushes them to achieve more.

Participant: T joins in an activity as participant.

Resource: T helps Ss in their tasks, gives them language information.

Tutor: T is like an advisor who responds to what the Ss are doing and advises them on what to do next
The Teacher as teaching aid
What is teaching?
Dornyei and Murphy see teaching as the exercise of group leadership.

Ts need to foster good relationships with the group.(rapport)

Ts need to be democratic and let Ss participate in decision-making takes.
Successful interaction depends on 4 characteristics:
1) Recognising Ss: Ss would like their Ts to know their names, and also appreciate it when Ts have some understanding of their characters.

2)Listening to Ss: Ts need to listen properly to Ss and show that they are interested in what they have to say.
3) Respecting Ss: When Ts correct Ss, Ss need to know that Ts are treating them with respect.

4) Beign even-handed: Ts should treat all their Ss equally.
Organizing Ss and activities
The roles of a teacher
Engage Students
Ts should be able to adopt a variety of roles within the classroom which facilitate learning.

Ts need to switch between the various roles, judging when it's appropriate one or other of them.

The different roles are:
It is the relationship that the Ss have with the T and vice versa.

It depends on the way Ts interact with Ss.
Instruct (demonstrate)
Organise feedback
The Teacher as performers
Ts are all performers in the classroom at some levels. Different Ts perform differently and any one T has many different performance styles, depending on the situation.
T can help Ss both hear and understand Language with:

Mime and gesture.

The T as a language model.

The T as provider of comprehensible input.

Name: Baglione

Subject: Didactics II
Teacher: Verònica Alvarez
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