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Liquibalm [Business Proposal]

Lip Balm

liquibalm :)

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Liquibalm [Business Proposal]

Business Proposal
About LiquiBalm
Financial Feasability
The Story Begins
Where YOU come in...
What Makes Liquibalm Different?
Interesting facts about lip balm

*A renowned beauty expert noticed something about lip balms: They all pretty much sucked.

Market Share
Marketing Strategy
She bought it for him...
...She did it for herself
Lip Treatment market is $350 Million in US alone
Potential for niche brand: $1.5 million annully (based on US figures)
Europe uses more lip balm than US--new market
Asia is poised to explode in lip treatment market
Unlimited potential in US/Worldwide
Vaseline & Blistex own 55%
Chapstick 22%
Niche Brands: 22%
Market Share
The Pitch.
Target market: women 30-45 years old and men 30-40 years old, in relationships or single.
Focus on sexiness of lip balm--why do we use it? To look good to the opposite sex! *Sex Sells*

Focus on quality and effectiveness of products
Premium pricing/Clinical ingredients
Use free marketing on Facebook/Youtube/Social Media, free samples, focus on bloggers, editors, tastemakers in industry
*A smaller company means more agility in the market.......

*By targeting a niche, we can get customers the "big guys" can't reach. (Long term users)

*Men are under-represented in the market, and the men's
market is growing more than women's. We will target this.

*We will focus directly on and with the consumer, making it a "personal" comany and unique experience.


We have passion for this industry the larger
companies don't have!

Clinical Ingredients. Sexy Results.
Guerilla Marketing
Direct Sales
*the story
*the proposal
*the beginning.....

The company is looking for $7,000 in startup capital
through Crowdfunding site

"It's a fun way to support a grass-roots startup!"
*Trade Shows (Featuring a "Kissing Booth")
*YouTube Videos/Tutorials/Contests
*Facebook Giveaways (500 free tubes)
*Informational blog-tie in to website
*Send products to bloggers/press
*Instagram pics of Customers using Liquibalm
We will use our extensive Black Book to begin
sales pitches immediately. We have many connections in the beauty industry, many have made a commitment to buy....

***This includes many high-end spas, salons,
boutiques, and online retailers.

*65% of the population uses lip Balm on a regular basis
*Men and Women will pay a premium price for Lip products
*The Lip treatment industry is growing 20% annually
*Customers are willing to buy "unknown" brands
*There is a low startup cost with our model
*By creating a great product, using innovative marketing, and "working our butts off" we will create a successful and profitable company in only 1 year.

*With over 20 years of industry experience including cosmetic production, manufacturing, and sales,
we are set to tackle the Lip Balm market with
sexiness, innovation, and knowledge.
*Perfect for men or women.
*Deeply Hydrating, multi-purpose, non-greasy, long-lasting
*Luxurious feel, helps lips appear sexier instantly
*Unscented, no parabens, no colors, no fragrance, no weird taste, *100% safe and non-toxic, and great for sensitive skin
We are looking for start-up capital from you! How we will use funding:
*Lip Balm is the #5 most used personal care product. It's used more than mouthwash, shampoo and facial moisturizer!
*Over 65% of the population uses lip balm on a daily basis
*The average woman eats 9 pounds of lip balm in her lifetime. It's important to use a lip balm that is

*Chapped lips have many causes, and can occur during any season
"We want to make Lip Balm sexy"
How much would you pay to look sexier?
The Problem:
Most Lip balms are sticky. They smell weird. They clump. They feel like a melted candle on your lips. They aren't sexy.
The Solution
Liquibalm makes your lips ready for action.
Created by Beauty Industry Experts, it has
a revolutionary formula sure to make your lips pucker!

This causes you to lose valuable kisses.
1. Initial purchase of product, packaging, and labels: $6,000
2. Postage for initial promotions/press sendout: $1,000
3. A luxurious trip to Barbados (just kidding.....)
65% of people wear lip products daily!
perfect opportunity for LIQIBALM....
By using existing connections (Online, YouTube, Shop NBC, fashion mags), we have immense potential to create a global brand, in a short time.
$192 million
$77 million
$77 million
So.....What are you waiting for????
Help the world get
more kisses!
Donate now.....
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