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language arts project for Mrs. Rountree

caitlin woodard

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of ITS MY LIFE!

It's My Life!! :) First Day of Kindergarten :) First Horse Show Baptism! My Middle School Basketball team! Nephew is born! Cousin passed away :"( Stepped on poisonous caterpillar! Niece is born! Went to Washington D.C. with the Honor Society! First day I first attended Chestatee Middle School :O The picture above is me, my oldest brother Tyler (in the back), and my other brother Shea (on the right). We were taking a sibling picture at Shea's High School Gratuation 2010. This picture shows the gravesite where my 18 year old cousin David C. Jones was buried on November 15, 2009 Carter Jonathon Lee (C.J) Was born in the beginning November 2009. He is now 1 year old living with his parents Elisha and Jonathon Lee. My first horse show was probably the coolest day in my life! i rode my horse Eagle and got some very awesome ribbons... But I did fall off because of some little child who spooked my horse. Jenna Lee Bishop was born on August 21, 2006. She is the only niece I have and the only daughter my brother has. Jenna is the daughter of my oldest brother Tyler Woodard. On July 3, 2010 I was dumping some watermelon in the pasture when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my foot and went screaming inside. After hours of PAIN I went to the docter and found out that the caterpiller I stepped on was poisinous and that I would have to be put on crutches for 2 whole weeks. After all this pain I learned not to walk outside barefoot. A few days before my sixth birthday i went and got my bookbag all ready to go to Lanier Elementary. A couple days after that I got on the bus and had an amazing day at kindergarten. The amazing team u just saw are the survivors of the 2010 Coach Koskavich/ Coach Bennett basketball team. This picture was taken at one of our tournaments where we had the privelledge to take a picture with an NBA player who has played with Michael Jordan. Not long after I turned six years old I decided to give my life to Jesus and get baptised. So as a result I got baptised on September 24, 2002. August 9, 2008 I proudly stepped off the bus and entered the halls of Chestatee Midlle School. The picture above was taken the night before sixth grade. I was so nervous I couldnt even sleep and was so tired on the first day of school.. It's just school, need I say less? 6:00 am April 2009
Road trip with the Chestatee Middle School Honor Society! Most students never get to miss a week of school and go on a bus with their friends to go on a road trip to Washington D.C. The only students included on this trip were the students who did their fundraising and got good grades. So like a good little angel i made Honor Society and went to Washington with CMS and had the most fun learning about our history! INTERESTING FACT: August 25, 2010 at the end of Fourth period or Mrs. Rountree's class, i broke my thumb in two places :) woo! The End! By: Caitlin Woodard My fourwheeler and me :) May 5, 2010
The birthday of my puppy Zora that I rescued from the Humain Society.
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