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MiniCase: Fondern Publishing, Inc.

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Shereza Khalifa

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of MiniCase: Fondern Publishing, Inc.

Overview Of Fondren inc.
Q2: How should Fondren treat its key accounts? why?
AcademCo.35% of market share.
20% of Fondren’s sales revenues.

Create separate sales team for Key accounts.
Q3: What selling approach could Fondren take to coordinate it’s selling endeavors with it’s customer service and fulfillment operations?
Placing Orders online or by using a software application, to save time and effort for both the company and the customers.
Q1: How Should Fondrern structure its sales force after the merger with Bronson? WHY?
Trade Customers: 6 in the united states, 4 in Europe, and 4 in Asia
Direct customers: limited to the united States (4 Regions)

Recommended Sales Force Structure:
Sales force must be structured geographically and by the type of the customer
- it will enable a more productive, and efficient sales team
Shahad Alrumihi
Dana Alraaesi
Ayah Alreyahi
Njood Almannai
Noora Bin Shamlan

Fondren Publishing, Inc.
Done By:
Recommended Structure:
Up to date information about the products and stock levels.
Accurate billings.
Allow salespeople to focus on other functions related to the new business.
Fondren Publishing company has been one of the leading publishers of academic journals. This company had it’s name and reputation in the global market even before the merger with Bronson and sons. It will be able to maintain the reputation and achieving greater market share through doing some adjustments to the sales force and continuously improving it’s customer service and fulfillment operations through using technology.
Thank you,
Do you any Questions?

1. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

2.One of the leading world-wide publisher of academic journals. (Science&Technology)

3.More than 2000 titles.
(Print & Electronic Formats)

4. Known for being dynamic, knowledgeable, and experienced.
Trade Costumers (Resellers)
Retail Costumers (Universities, Libraries, Societies, and individuals)
Thank You For Listening,
Any Questions?
- 14 regions (6 in US, 4 in Europe, 4 in Asia Pacific.

-Sales force organization by geography.

- Largest Account: Newyork based AcademCo.
Organizational Structure
Bronson & Sons
-Journal Publisher (Health & Science titles)
- More than 750 titles.
-Primary: Retail Costumers (Universities, Libraries, Societies & individuals.
- Very few trade costumers.
- 4 regions.
- Limited to US.
- Sales force organization by geography.
Helps sales team to be closer to the process and whole sales activity.
They can implement a CRM system To gather all the information related to the customers, and that will lead to customer satisfaction.

Having an automatic restocking system to decrease the problems of out-of-stock.

To maintain efficiency Sales force should be trained periodically.
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