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No description

Léa Vinel

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Coca-Cola

The secret formula When bubbles rhyme with troubles Sugar Water Natural aromas Let's take a
Coca-Cola bath Atlanta Amazing discovery "Original recipe for Coca-Cola" Lime juice "Waiter, a glass of drug please" 1886 Sold like Medicines The Temple of Coca-Cola Museum Muhtar Kent "You Born Coke, You Grow Coke, You Love Coke" Drink or Think 2 billion drinks per day Alcohol Orange oil Coriander oil Lemon oil Nutmeg oil Neroli oil Cinnamon oil Vanilla Caramel Water Sugar Caffeine Citric Acid Fluid Extract of Coca "Just water and flavors, right?" New Jersey Harbor Bolivia & Peru 1906: interdiction of cocaine in Coca-Cola Sugar addict San Francisco War against sodas 40% obese or overweight 170 liters per year 20 kilos of sugar 10 spoons of sugar "One Coke and One Heart Attack Please" 20 - 30 years of life expectancy 1 hour of running What about ? E150D Caramel Colorant Different dose in countries San Cristobal 750 000 liters per day 10 000 inhabitants 1980 25 000 € for one year Vicente Fox Chiapas Record: 3 cans per day "Coca-Colonization" 42 km 166 shops Water more expensive Bottles for their God Still thirsty? 47 billion of revenue Belgian beer What
yours? The secret
formula 1979 Ray Rogers Reward system California: 29 mg/can France: 79 mg/can President until 2006 CEO of Coca-Cola Mexico The secret formula, the best way to avoid
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