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Charity Water

No description

Charity Water

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Charity Water

Lucas, Liam, Courtney, Jen Solution: What Can Be Done? -Building wells
-Sending aid to the country's government so they hopefully build wells or sewers
-Send tanks of water
-Donating to a specific NGO you help them by spreading awareness and raising money
Charity: Water selects communities with the most need & uses 100% of your donations on the following: hand-dug wells, spring protections, bio-sand filters, drilled wells and rainwater catchments
once installed, locals are trained to repair and maintain the project
a community is given clean, safe water
after donating, they track your money and show you where you helped give the gift of clean water
they also have a google maps feature that shows which countries they have built in
http://www.charitywater.org/projects/map/ -100% of public donations is used to fund clean water projects
-operating expenses are paid for by private donors, foundations and sponsors, all public donations are used directly for the cause
-since 2006, it has helped fund 6,611 projects in 20 countries, benefiting 2,545,000 people
-as of January 15, 2012 the organization has raised over $40 million
-google maps and other photos prove the work done in communities
-"GiveWell" is a charity evaluator who published a review of Charity: Water with an overall conclusion that Charity: Water "stands out from other organizations we have considered in some respects" Charity: Water -Founded by Scott Harrison in 2006, based in New York
-Main purpose of the NGO is to get water to people who need it the most Contents 1. The Problem
2. The Solution
3. The NGO - Charity: Water
4. How to help.
5. Should you donate? Should I Donate?
-The WHO reports that over 3.6% of the global disease burden can be prevented simply by improving water supply, sanitation, and hygiene
- Millions of women and children spend hours a day collecting water from distant, often polluted sources
-This is time they might spend working and going to school but they cannot as they need to focus on their physical needs first Problem: The world's clean water shortage. -The world currently has 884 million people without access to clean drinking water -Over 3.5 million people die each year from a water-related disease
-There are 343 million people without water in Africa alone
-Every 20 seconds someone dies of water related illness How is Charity: Water helping? Conclusion Charity: water is beneficial to those it helps, and is worth while to donate! -Increasing the number of people with access to safe drinking-water and improved sanitation brings health and broader financial benefits, while saving millions of lives each year What Can I do? - spread awareness! follow charity: water on facebook, twitter, instagram and their blog
-raise money! charity: gives several ways you can raise money
-start a campaign at charitywater.org, invite your friends
-donate money, 100% goes to water projects, see what you helped build on a map
-volunteers are always welcomed
-work or intern with charity: water You can change lives right where you are. A serious problem
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