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Dante's Inferno

Grade 8 History

Nathan Plumb

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno

Bird's Eye View of Dante's Inferno Side View of Dante's Inferno Use the Prezi to answer questions provided by your teacher. First Circle Sin: Virtuous Pagans Description: Souls that were lived a good life but were not Christians. Either because they lived before the birth of Jesus, or because they followed a different religion. Julius Caesar is placed in this circle. Saladin is placed in this circle. Second Circle Sin: Lust Description: Lust is when souls allowed their appetites to become more powerful than their sense of reason. Punishment: Here all souls are trapped in powerful winds that blow them back and forth forever. Third Circle Sin: Gluttony Description: Gluttony is wanting more food than you need. Eating even after you are full. Punishment: The souls are forced to lie (naked) in frozen slush (Icy water) and freezing rain falls on them. Fourth Circle Sin: Greed Description: Greed is when someone wants more wealth or money. Punishment: The souls that committed the sin of greed were forced to roll large bags full of coins up a hill. When the bags reached the top of the hill they would roll back down and the greedy soul would have to start all over. Fifth Circle Sin: Anger Description: Anger is a common emotion but in the Inferno, it is considered a sin to act on one's anger. Punishment: Souls are placed in a river and are forced to fight with each other to stay above water. Sixth Circle Sin: Heresy Description: Heresy is a crime against the Church. Punishment: The souls that commit Heresy are trapped in coffins. These coffins are set on fire. Seventh Circle Sin: Violence Description: Violence is an act of aggression. Dante divides this circle into three different parts. 1) Violence against others. Those that commit violence against others are placed in a boiling river of blood. The deeper they are sunk into this river, the worse they have sinned. 2) Violence against self. Souls that committed suicide have been turned into trees. These trees are slowly eaten by monster birds. Even as trees the souls still feel everything. 3) Violence against God. These souls remain in a desert as liquid metal rains down on them. Eighth Circle Sin: Fraud Description: There are many different forms of fraud and as a result Dante divides this circle into seven parts. Punishment: There are a number of different punishments within this circle. However, an interesting one is the punishment for thieves. The souls of thieves are constantly bitten and eaten by lizards and snakes. As they are slowly eaten the thieves begin to change into different creatures themselves. Ninth Circle Sin: Treachery Description: This circle is for people that betray others. They are traitors. The traitors are placed in a frozen river The worse the traitor the more they are frozen. In two of the mouths are Cassius and Brutus. These are the men that betrayed Caesar. In the final mouth is Judas. This is the man that betrayed Jesus and led to his Crucifixion. At the centre of this circle is Satan. He is the devil. He is trapped up to his waist by the river. He has three heads and wings. He is constantly beating his wings and this is what freezes the river. In each mouth he is chewing a traitor. Dante's Inferno
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