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No description

Moriah Welles

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Taoism

TAOISM *A principal philosophy and system
of religion based on the teachings of Lao Tzu in the sixth century BC and on subsequent revelations. Advocates preserving and restoring the toa in the body and the cosmos.* Originated in China
551 - 479 BCE Founder:
Lao Tzu
(old master) The Yin Yang
(tai chi disk) Symbol of balance. light vs. dark
good vs. evil
etc... Taoism is the way of the universe Life of mystery, not known if he even really existed. Toa Te ching = tao (the path/way)
= te (strength/virtue)
= ching (scripture) Sacred Text of taoism.
81 chapters containing many proverbs there must be evil
to balance out the good and keep harmony Wu Wei "non-action" One does not need to be aggressive to make things happen Leave nature to its own devices. Respect the enviroment and let things take care of themselves. Be passive, let
nature take its
course taoism is usually practiced in conjunction with Buddhism and Confucianism Death has no real meaning. The afterlife doesnt exist Seen as a transformation rather than a loss Goal is to become one with the tao five main organs and orfices of the body correspond to water, metal, earth, fire, and wood. Everyone must nurture the Ch'i that has been given to them. Ch'i:
air/breath Practice Tai chi; meditation in movement Approx. 225 million followers Every entity whether visible
or invisible has a god. (rocks, trees, ideas, stars, chairs, etc..)
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