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King Philip II of Spain

No description

Eric Adams

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of King Philip II of Spain

King Philip II of Spain Military Church Starting in the Golden Age he ruled one of the largest empires.
Philip was also the ruler of England through his Marriage with Mary I. Philip was a Roman Catholic and ruled by divine right. King Philip died of Cancer on Sept.13 1598 Ruling Family Government Music, Art, Literature, Theater, Dress, and Manner of Spain's Golden Age were admired and imitated.
Set the standard by which the rest of Europe measured its culture. Social structure His goal was to end Protestantism in the favor of Catholicism.
The lose of the Netherlands crippled his economy.
Made all decision in his private office. No biographic accounts were to be made of him.
Used marriage with Elisabeth to gain protection. A. Divine Right
B. His Power
C. His Money
D. Absolute Monarch A. King Philip
B. England
C. Catholic Church
D. Everyone Elisabeth
of Valois A. Nobles
B. Girls
C. Boys
D. Peasants Princess Maria Manuela
of Portugal A. By Voting
B. Asked for Opinions
C. With his Wives
D. Alone in his office A. Treaty of Tortillas
B. Treaty of Vaucelles
C. Treaty of the Dead
D. Treaty of Spain Mary Tudor
"Bloody Mary" All work was required to be recorded on paper.
Did not trust anyone not even the servants who he chose. Fought wars with both Italy and the Low Countries.
Signed the Treaty of Vaucelles with France. King Philip II was an heir to the throne of both his father Charles V and his mother Isabella of Portugal. Biography What is good for Spain was good for the Catholic Church.
King Philip saw himself as the lay protector of the Catholic Church with two responsibilities: Peasants Did "DIRTY" work
Work that was above the nobles Nobles Their opinions were heard
Treated fairly Legal System King Philip used Divine right to justify murders
Ruled as an absolute monarch Culture Born May 21, 1527, King Philip II grew up self possessed and distrustful and loved to read. Philip took the place of king in 1556. He gained the nickname Philip the Prudent Ensure spiritual regeneration
Fight in its defense 1. Who were the people that did the dirty work? 2. King Philip II used
what to justify murders? 3. What was good for Spain was good for? 4. How did King Philip II make all his decisions? 5. What treaty did King Philip sign with France? http://www.nps.gov/casa/historyculture/spanish-colonial-culture.htm http://www.wikipaintings.org/en/bartolome-esteban-murillo/immaculate-conception-of-the-escorial http://www.visualphotos.com/image/1x9674880/king_philip_ii_of_spain_with_his_three_wives https://europeanleaders.wikispaces.com/Mary_Tudor http://www.internetstones.com/history-of-pearls-part-eight.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/paintings/elisabeth-of-valois-5686 Anna
of Austria http://www.artsunlight.com/artist-NR/N-R0001-Peter-Paul-Rubens/N-R0001-072-anna-of-austria-queen-of-france-mother-of-king-louis-xiv.html The Philippines were named after King Philip.
Sent a Spainish Armada to invade England in 1588.
Fought a war against Huguenots in France from 1590-1598
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