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Philosophy of Education-Progressivism

Lesson learned, Life lived

Tracie Carter

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Philosophy of Education-Progressivism

Content established through great teachings are beneficial for the future. Lesson Learned, Life Lived He/She can bring fun into the classroom; making for an enjoyable learning experience. A Teacher is a great support. Process over product. Students learning the process generally can adapt to society and what it has to offer. Constructivism/Pragmatism are a broadened forms of progressivism. "The most prominent of all proponents, who supported the balance between valuing content and structured learning activities" (Powell, pg222) John Dewey... Progressivism Citations Powell, S. (2012, 2009). Philosophical Foundations of Education in the United States. Your Introduction to Education: Explorations in Teaching. (2nd ed., pp. 222-223). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.

Bakerdem (Sept. 1, 2009). The Effective, Progressive Classroom. In Youtube.

Krechevsky, M., Rivard, M., Burton, F. (2010). Theory in Practice. Accountability in Three Realms: Making Learning Visible Inside and Outside the Classroom. 49, 64-71. doi:10.1080/00405840903436087. The Productive Progressive Classroom John Dewey believed that "The best teachers were good learners"(pg.66 Krevetsky)
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