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Ryan's Space Prezi!

No description

rarnold 571

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Ryan's Space Prezi!

Ryan's Space Prezi!
The Red Planet
Astronomors and NASA are trying to find out if there was ever life on mars and where all the water went.

The Milkyway
Our solar system is called the Milkyway it has got 8 planet or 9 if you count the dwarf planet, Pluto
Astronauts or Cosmonauts are the People who fly the shuttles to Mars, The Moon and other planets
We on Earth have an atmosphere which is a bit like a shield. It shields us from space debris falling, the suns rays and harmful space winds
Shuttles and Rockets
Space shuttles have a difference to a rocket. A rocket doesn't come back to Earth, it stays up in space. On the other hand shuttles come back and are used again.
Fast Facts
The Earth orbits the sun 365.25 times in one year.

There are 366 days in a leap year and 365 days in a normal year.
Thanks for watching!!!
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