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No description

Daaniya Syeda

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of ch

Literary Devices
"He missed cigarettes, but not so much...He missed whiskey not at all...He missed his morning coffee most." (Page 180)

The Memorable Quote
"'In four months,' Randy said, 'we've regressed four thousand years. More, maybe. Four thousand years ago the Egyptians and Chinese were more civilized than Pistolville is right now. Not only Pistolville. Think what must be going on in those parts of the country where they don't even have fruit and pecans and catfish.'" (Chapter 8, Pg. 199)
The Setting
Fort Repose is in the middle of a designated "contaminated zone". It's surrounded by dangerous radioactive towns and highway men blocking roads which makes escape near impossible.
Who is Who?
Randy Bragg is a retired veteran of the Vietnam war. He has matured since the Day happened.
Dan Gunn is a doctor who has the role of taking care of the Fort Repose people. Even though, Dan does what he loves to do, which is to help patients in need, he is internally struggling with his debts, until after the Day struck.
Chapter 8
Alas, Babylon

Overall Plot & Main Conflicts
This imaginative "what-if" World War III, that Pat Frank created in this book, makes a lot of people wonder if that's how it will truly turn out. In our chapter, it explains about how the small town of Fort Repose is recovering from war. This leads us to the theme, that no matter what history will repeat itself.
Why are ranching and farming important?
What were Randy and his family's major food sources?
How were the three patients exposed to radiation?
Did some people continue their jobs in the middle of this ruckus, and why?
Why were the radios so important?
By: Daaniya Syeda &Tony Animadu
Since the town is isolated and cuts them off form the rest of the world,...
they only have the supplies they had before, which means that people will have to trade with one another for items. Because of the limited supplies poverty struck.
society is out of control; the town has no controlling government with leads to issues.
many people are dying due to the lack of medical attention.
Chapter Significance
Thank You for Your Time!
This chapter shows us how Fort Repose is handling itself four months after the Day. It shows the reader about the obstacles they had to face in order to survive. This chapter is also important because it shows what's happening to the people and what their living conditions are.
This chapter explains what basically happened after the Day happened and after the chaos of the aftermath calmed down a bit. There still were many problems rotating throughout the town.
Randy's "family" repeatedly having almost the same food daily, and missing the things that aren't available
The mystery of "something" eating Henrys' animals
important chores for each individual
the trading systems
radiation behind the sickness mystery
Fort Repose
"The men lounging there...looked like ghost-town characters from a Western movie, except they were not so well fed as Hollywood extras". (Page 193)
"Now, honey was liquid gold..." (Page 196)
"These new highwaymen were ruthless and evil men who lately had been choking the thin trickle of communications and trade between towns and villages." (Page 210)
"It was a surprise, and a delight, to see children devour books." (Page 187)
"This bit of paper tacked on peeling white paint abruptly enlarged his perspective, as if, stumbling through a black tunnel, he saw, or thought he saw, a chink of light." (Page 193)
Game Questions
1. What did Randy miss the most?
2. What does Dan take in return of his services?
3. What do most kids in Fort Repose spend their time doing?
4. How long has it been since the Day currently in this chapter?
5. Where do people trade goods?
6. Why isn’t everyone getting affected by radiation poisoning?
7. Why does the kid urinating neglect to look up at the sound of the engine?
Minor Characters
Bill Cullen
Rita Hernandez
Pete Hernandez
Ben Franklin
Lib McGovern
Bill McGovern
Jim Hickey
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