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Rent the Runway

No description

cara yakush

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Rent the Runway

Andras Freyler
Fiona Huang
Graham White
Cara Yakush

Company Background
Online designer clothing rental service
Founded 2009 by Jennifer Hyman & Jennifer Fleiss
250+ brands
65,000+ designer dresses & accessories
Was solely e-commerce until 2013
Advertising Plan
Wide variety of items to choose from
250+ designer brands
Flexible rental time
Main focus e-commerce
Save operating cost by reducing space
Attractive promotions
Ease of renting and returning
Relatively new company
Only in US market
Only target one gender
Late returns can slow supply chain
Potential inventory damage given platform
Seasonal fluctuation
New funding needed/profitability not yet reached
Little weekday demand
Online shopping is profitable market
Consumer interest in sustaiability/item reuse
Affordable designer clothing
Social media promotion and growth
customer reviews can influence opinion
rental clothing is a new concept
pre-existing fashion preferences
customers desire to own items
How does it work?
Shoppers choose their designer fashions
(+1 backup size, just in case)
Place order before 3pm EST
Order arrives by 8pm the following day
Use & send back via prepaid mail envelope
Pre-market research: gather info about cust. Preference and behaviour
Inter-campaign research: Nielsen audience measurement reports
Post-testing research: gather info about the brand awareness and brand preference

Media Plan
“A beautiful product shouldn’t only be experienced by owning it.”
- Jennifer Hyman, Founder of RTR
Target Group

Fashion forward
Doesn't want to re-wear the same item twice
Can't afford to buy designer clothing
Females in college 18 -25
Career women 25 - 50
any woman who is:
PR Tools: Organizing promotional events
Wardrobe provider for fashion shows & talk shows
Partner with professional photography studios
Sponsorship with fashion bloggers
Friends referral discount

Objectives for the Target Market
Frequency of 10 OTS/4 week period
GRP Weight 850
Pulsing schedule long term - first 3 months
Low CPT (Cost per Thousand) given use of
Social media marketing
PR events
85% Target reach
Wedding takeover Malaga
Bachelorette party Ibiza
Birthday takeover Barcelona
Sponsor charity events
Outfit bridal parties for photographs
Provide wardrobe for talk show guests & hosts
15% discount referral promotions

Promote RTR to Spanish women
Raise brand awareness
Change consumer behavior from buying to renting
Message Strategy
Brand Awareness
Repeat Purchases
Goals & Objectives
Brand Image
Use PR: create buzz
Low cost efforts: deploy college "runway reps"
New format: brick & mortar stores
In the US
In Spain
Low cost efforts: deploy "runway reps"
Establish rapport with bloggers
Use PR: launch events & takeovers
In the US
In Spain
In the US
In Spain
In the US
In Spain
Rentals at low price
Exclusively luxury fashion/elitist appeal
Offer superior products
Sponsor philanthrophic events
Launch events to demonstrate affordability
Use positive reviews from the US
Referral discounts
Sales promotion
Shipping discounts
Ad cognitions ->
create attitude toward the
brand -> brand cognition ->
purchase intention
Referral discounts
Sales promotions
Shipping discounts
Launch Unlimited service
Monthly subscription
Monthly billing system
Flat fee of $99/month
Free shipping
Implement Unlimited service
Referral discount
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