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Copy of Middle Colonies in the New World

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Douglas Her

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Middle Colonies in the New World

Middle Colonies in the New World

By: Douglas C Her and Toni Jo Rowney

Pros to living in the Middle Colonies
1) In these areas there is fertile soil for growing crops
2) The rivers around the colonies made for good transportation
3) The growing season in the Middle colonies was extended so the settlers were able to produce more food
4) There is a lot of wildlife around the colonies
Who Got Rich off of the Products?
The farmers made money from selling their surplus to other colonists and England
The farmers would trade their grains with Native American and England
Punishments in the Middle colonies
River systems
Where the Middle colonies are
The Middle colonies are founded in the present-day states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
The Middle Colonies
Products of the Middle Colonies
Cons to living in the Middle Colonies
1) Harsh winters
2) Deadly Diseases
3) Fights with local Native Americans
4) Settlers at first didn't know how to farm
Whipping Post
The Pillory was a wooden like shackle with three holes. One for the head and two for each hand. Often the ears of the person in the pillory were nailed to the wood. The Whipping Post was a post set up in the middle of town. The people tied to it were whipped over and over. The Dunking Chair was used as punishment in order to discover who is an actual witch. If the witch lived after being dunked multiple minutes the colonists would have her killed for the act of witchcraft. Burglary had an odder punishment, if a person was caught stealing, the letter "B" was branded into the right palm on the first offense.
Ducking Chair

What are they most known for?
The Middle Colonies were known for being the "Bread Basket" of the the 13 colonies. The reason for this is because of how the Middle Colony grew most of the grain based foods.
Slavery was very harsh, slaves were often beat if they didn't cook, clean, and farm the plantation. Slaves were never killed, because they were worth money. Slaves were killed only if they became sick and the owner was afraid of infection spreading to the other slaves.
Bread Basket- A geographic region serving as a principal source of grain supply.
Summary of Delaware
Delaware was established in the year 1682, by Peter Minuit and the New Sweden Company. The original name of the Delaware colony was New Sweden.The major industries in Delaware were fishing and lumbering. The only major city in Delaware is Wilmington. Slavery in Delaware was very common. The number of slaves had declined in Delaware, due to the English conquest of New
Netherlands in 1664.
William Penn founded Pennsylvania in 1681. The large cities in this colony were Philadelphia, Lancaster and York. Pennsylvania was most known for wheat, corn, cattle, dairy, textiles, paper-making, and shipbuilding. Slavery was started as early as 1639.
Summary of Pennsylvania
William Penn
New York was founded in 1664, by the Dutch and Duke of York, which is where New York received its name. The major industries in this colony included shipbuilding, iron production, cattle, grain, rice, indigo, and wheat. New York's major cities were/are New York City and Albany. Slavery was started when the Dutch India Company unloaded 11 African slaves in New Amsterdam in 1626. By 1703 over 43% of house holds had slaves living with in the homes.
Summary of New York
Duke of York
New Jersey was founded in 1664, by English colonists. Their major industries were iron working and lumbering. Trenton and Princeton are the major cities in this colony. The Dutch Company imported slaves to start the colony of New Netherlands. When the British took over they offered 60 acres of land per slave to anyone who imported slaves.
Summary of New Jersey
Weather in the Middle Colonies
In the middle colonies the climate was milder than the New England colonies, but colder than the southern colonies. This climate made it perfect for farming, eventually giving the Middle Colonies their name the "Bread Basket." Over all, the Middle colonies were rainy, sunny, cold and snowy during the winters.
Cimate of Each Colony
The climate was pretty much the same as it is in the present day area.
The Last Picture. *Tear*
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