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Fundraising and Community Awareness

Macro Project

Sabrina Van Why Sabrina

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Fundraising and Community Awareness

Border Servant Stomp
Amy Owen Goals and Objectives Things to Consider Systems Action Plan Gift Works
Amy Owen How? Why? Why Not? Overarching Goal: To increase community awareness through fund raising. Goal: Give social service providers and others the opportunity to learn about
valuable community resources, border-related issues, and Border Servant Corps.

Objective: Have 50-60 attendants at each Border Servant Stomp (El Paso & Las Cruces) Objective: Rase a minimum of $500 at each Border Servant Stomp

Objective: Administer a survey to participants that will measure satisfaction concerning the event; and the extent to which it raised their community awareness, and allowed for collaboration and networking. Developing Itinerary
-dates and times




-Dinner Planning
-folders -Client System
-Target System
-Host System
-Action System
-Change Agent System
-Implementing System
-Support System -Consultant
-BSC Contact
-BSC Volunteers/Workers Ethical Considerations Border Stampede 10k and 5k Run + 5k walk Registration Prizes Medals Door Prizes Race Day Expected Cost and Revenue Border Servant Corps
Fundraising & Community Awareness
Border Imersion Experience Monita Alvarez Tara Waldrip What is it? Why- Vision
What- Goals
How- Tasks
Who- People Experience Components Preparation
Service Work
Follow up Resources for the Experience Current border issues
Collaborating agencies
Reflection/prayer Administrative Resources Similar Programs
Funding sources
General considerations
Prioritized recommendations Border Movie Night
Sabrina Van Why Venue Suggestions Movie Suggestions Expected Cost and Revenue Suggested Timeline for Planning Legalities Fountain Theater, Mesilla, NM
Fellini Film Café, El Paso, TX
Outdoor Movie
Copyright laws
Swank Motion Pictures 4 months prior
3 months prior
2 months prior
1 month prior
3 weeks prior
2 weeks prior
Week of
Day of
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