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Copy of Reporting: Mill of The Gods by Estrella Alfon

By Mau Milay and Jomar Perez

Joyce Cortez

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Reporting: Mill of The Gods by Estrella Alfon

Estrella Alfon
Notable Lines:
Mill of the Gods


1961-1962: Four of her one-act plays won all the prizes in the Arena Theater Play Writing Contest: “Losers Keepers” (first prize), “Strangers” (second prize), “Rice” (third prize), and “Beggar” (fourth prize).
1961-1962: Won top prize in the Palanca Contest for “With Patches of Many Hues.”
1974: Second place Palanca Award for her short story, "The White Dress".[5]
1979: National Fellowship in Fiction post at the U.P. Creative Writing Center.
-Born on 1917 in Cebu City. Died on Dec.28 , 1983

-Finished Associate of Arts degree in UP.

-Supposed to study Medicine but was mistakenly diagnosed of Tuberculosis and because of that, she stop from her medical course.

-Known on writing using the English language exclusively.

-She then became a member of the U. P. writers club and earned and was given the privileged post of National Fellowship in Fiction post at the U. P. Creative Writing Center.
- Perez, Jomar
-Milay, Mau
Palanca Awards

Estrella Alfon has won the Palanca Awards a number of times[6]:
Forever Witches, One-act Play (Third place, 1960)
With Patches of Many Hues, One-act Play (First place, 1962)
Tubig, One-act Play (Second place, 1963)
The Knitting Straw, One-act Play, (Third place, 1968)
The White Dress, Short Story (Second place, 1974)
-The only member of Veronicans, a group of great writers lead by Ocampo and Arcellana.
-The Veronicans, recognized as the first group of Filipino writers to write almost exclusively in English. She is reportedly the most prolific Filipina writer prior to World War II. Also, she was a regular contributor to Manila-based national magazines, she had several stories cited in Jose Garcia Villa’s annual honor rolls.
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