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Graphic Design Project

No description

Abby Colquhoun

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Graphic Design Project

What is Graphic Design?
Daily tasks
Graphic Design is everywhere. Magazines, maps, logos, brochures, websites, posters and many other things have been carefully worked on by a graphic designer. They are experts in visual communication, using colours, photographs, illustrations, font styles and other graphics to convey a message or tell a story to create a particular feeling.
The original London Underground map was designed by Harry Beck in 1931. The basic design concepts have been widely adopted for other network maps around the world.
As a schematic diagram, it shows not necessarily the geographic but rather the relative positions of stations along the lines, stations' connective relations with each other and fare zones.
Keep calm and carry on was a motivational poster created by the British government in 1939 intended to raise morale of the British public in the face of mass air attacks.
Lord Kitchener wants you was a 1914 advertisement which was developed into a recruitment poster. It depicted Lord Kitchener, the British Secretary of State for War. The image is considered one of the most iconic and enduring images of the war. A hugely influential image and slogan, it has also inspired imitations in other countries, from the United States to the Soviet Union.
Here are two example of early graphic design.
Early advertisement poster designed by Joost Schmidt in 1923.
Early advertisement poster designed by Jules Cheret in 1891.
A graphic designer is responsible for working according to a brief agreed with the client, to create creative ideas and concepts, that have high visual impact. They choose appropriate media and style to meet the clients objectives.
Examples: Brand identity, Re branding, Advertising, Public Information...
Millpond organic farms
Other Examples
Job highlights and low

Highlights: You are able to express your creative ideas and enjoy your passion, whilst working with other like minded people. A graphic designer can work from home or in a studio and is not fixed to one location.
Low lights: You may be assigned a brief which does not appeal to your own creative thoughts and ideas.
Logos with hidden meanings or symbols
Negative space
Negative space is a visual pun. It is about using the background and the figureground. The positioning of shapes in the figureground creates the illusion of a nonexistent sillhoutte in the background. Sometimes the most simple design solution is the most effective.
Although today, most design is produced on a computer, a creative background and mind is needed.
Early Graphic Design
Many logos are so recognizable that they don't even need to write the name.

This is a logo for and electrical company called E.D.
It looks like a plug and also spells E.D.
Toblerone chocolate is a company from Bern, Switzerland, which is known for high mountains.
Bern is also called "The city of Bears". Find the hidden message in the mountain.
Here an arrow is hidden between the letters E and X. Lindon Leader designed this famous logo in 1994, as Senior Design Director at Landor Associates, San Francisco. It was a result of a work where more than 200 logos were designed before the designer arrived to this solution. It won over forty logo awards worldwide.
That yellow arrow is not just a smiley, it also suggests that they sell everything from a-z on amazon.
Baskin Robbins offers 31 flavorous of ice-cream. The number 31 is hidden in the logo within the letters of B and R.
The Northwest Airlines logo has two hidden meanings. For one it has the letters N and W in positive and negative spaces. And there is another less apparent idea in there. The red triangle points to north-west within the circle as if it was a compass.
Here is a logo, letter paper and business card I designed for an organic farming company.
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